New Abortion Ban to Take Effect in 30 Days, Increasing Penalties for Abortionists

Abortionists who break Texas law will face harsher penalties starting in 30 days (August 25, 2022) when the state’s “trigger law” takes effect. The Supreme Court of the United States entered its formal judgment in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization today, beginning the countdown until stronger provisions can be enforced.

Abortion became illegal immediately last month when the state’s pre-Roe v. Wade policies regained effect after the Supreme Court’s historic ruling. Current pre-Roe statutes, however, can only be enforced by local authorities with a punishment of two to five years in jail. The “trigger law” will enhance penalties to a first-degree felony and will grant the attorney general authority to bring a $100,000 civil lawsuit if abortionists break the law.

Pregnant mothers seeking abortion will not be punished. Miscarriage treatment is not impacted by the Pro-Life policy, and the law contains an exception to protect the life of a mother.

While the additional penalties are a welcome change, they are not enough to ensure preborn children are protected in our state. The Pro-Life movement has witnessed that we need a variety of enforcement tools to stop the abortion industry. Thus, Texas Right to Life is speaking with state lawmakers to pass a bill in the next legislative session that would allow private citizens to sue abortionists who break state law, similar to the Texas Heartbeat Act.



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