March for Life set to storm DC for the 44th year in a row, anti-Life March gets all the press

Every year since the Supreme Court decision in the case of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion across the United States, Pro-Lifers have gathered in Washington, D.C., to stand for the Right to Life of all people in our nation.  This January, the anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case will be no different.  Far from representing a small group of radicals, the March for Life is a massive event.  The streets of D.C., from the Mall to the steps of the Supreme Court, are flooded with hundreds of thousands of Pro-Lifers.

Every year, upwards of 400,000 women, men, students, and activists gather to stand for Life in our nation’s capital.  Every year, the media refuse to cover the story.  There are rare exceptions, but in the past the media have ignored the March for Life entirely.

This year, there is a march in late January that is being covered extensively.  No, not the March for Life. The Women’s March on Washington is a protest rally of feminists (more accurately anti-Life fauxminists) who are marching to express outrage at the election of Donald Trump.  Despite proclaiming “Unity Principles” and issuing a “Statement on inclusivity,” the Women’s March has demonstrated that their motives have little to do with unity or inclusivity.  Pro-Lifers have been told to stay home, because, according to the Women’s March organizers, only anti-Life viewpoints are welcome (yes, that’s actually in their “Unity Principles”).

While the press is busy lavishing attention on the Women’s March, the real inclusive march is ignored.  For decades, the March for Life has brought together varied groups representing communities from every corner of the country united in the cause of Life.  People committed to standing in solidarity with the most vulnerable, the preborn, have come together, even in years of fierce wintry weather.  The March for Life has also never excluded people from attending.  Every year, a small cohort of anti-Life activists make an appearance at the March for Life, and peaceful Pro-Lifers do not attempt to silence them.

Tragically, the Women’s March proclaims to represent all women and stand for their interests.  Yet, as an organization that demands that all women accept the violence of abortion, how can anyone say that the Women’s March represents what is best for women?  The truth is that the predatory abortion industry has betrayed women and colluded with criminals who abuse women and children.  The Women’s March embraces the lie that in order to succeed, women must kill their preborn children.  Countless examples have proven the anti-Life rhetoric wrong, and true feminists reject abortion.

Despite the fact that the media try so hard to ignore the March for Life, the popularity of this national Pro-Life event has ballooned.  The Women’s March, with all the free advertising and celebrity endorsements, is optimistically expecting 200,000 attendees.  We’re not impressed.  In 2013, the March for Life reportedly hosted 650,000 marchers.  Anyone who has witnessed the event will tell you that many of those committed Pro-Lifers are young people.  Texas Right to Life has long known the importance of giving students the opportunity to learn about Pro-Life principles, scientific facts, and political involvement.  That is why every year Texas Right to Life sponsors a group of Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship for College Pro-Life Leaders to attend the march in D.C.

This year, thirteen current Fellows and one graduate of the fellowship will be in D.C. to attend the march.  They will also meet with their elected officials to advocate the importance of the Right to Life.  Students from Texas A&M, the University of Texas, Texas State University, St. Mary’s University, Abilene Christian University, Angelo State University, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Dallas will represent Texas Right to Life in the only national march that is truly concerned with justice for all people.  The experience has a lasting effect on our Fellows.  Education Associate Rachel Bush described the effects she’s witnessed in the Fellows:

Attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C., is an opportunity for our Fellows to bring their Pro-Life activism to a new level.  They’ve given so much of their heart and dedication to the Pro-Life movement in Texas, but to finally march to the Supreme Court where abortion was tragically legalized in 1973 and stand for Life with hundreds of thousands, many of whom are their peers, reaffirms their passion and dedication to end abortion.  By the time the students return to Texas, they are re-energized to continue their work protecting the preborn and their mothers from the pain of abortion.

While the anti-woman, anti-Life messages of the Women’s March are paraded through the media this January, Texas Right to Life is proud to support our Fellows joining the 44th Annual March for Life.