“Women’s March” has very little to do with women and everything to do with abortion

Topping the list of event sponsors for the upcoming Women’s March on Washington is #VOTEPROCHOICE.  This radical organization urges website visitors to pledge to vote for the most anti-Life candidate running for every office in every election.  The site even sells $19 underwear advertising anti-Life voting.  With a sponsor like #VOTEPROCHOICE, you might be led to believe the “Women’s” March is in not a march for women but a gathering of anti-Life activists towing the tired old party line.  Sadly, you’d be right.

The anti-woman, anti-Life platform of the so-called Women’s March became painfully clear this week.  The Texas Pro-Life group New Wave Feminists was told in no uncertain terms that Pro-Lifers are not welcome at the Women’s March on Washington.  National Review reports that this week New Wave Feminists were removed from the list of event sponsors.  The action came after self-described feminists unleashed their anti-Life fury against the Pro-Life sponsorship.

As NewsBusters noted that this is not the first time the Women’s March has refused to accept Pro-Lifers.  NewsBusters reported that Student’s for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins contacted the Women’s March at the end of last year in an attempt to partner with them.  Hawkins wanted to join the march in order to represent Pro-Life women, who are in fact the majority of women, but her many attempts to contact the march leadership were not even acknowledged.

Ironically, the Women’s March revealed their anti-Life stance in a document they call “Unity Principles.”  Nothing says “unity” like rabidly advocating for the killing of preborn girls and the continued victimization of women at the hands of the predatory abortion industry!   Following the rejection of New Wave Feminists, the Women’s March issued a statement declaring, “We look forward to marching on behalf of individuals who share the view that women deserve the right to make their own reproductive decisions.”

In the mind-boggling illogic of abortion activists, the Women’s March excludes the majority of women, who believe that abortion is murder, and embraces a radical anti-Life platform demanding the “right” for mothers to kill their children in the womb.  Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, the leader of New Wave Feminists, said, “It appears that the [Women’s March on Washington] only wants to include a ‘diverse’ array of women who think exactly like them.  That’s unfortunate, but we will not be deterred.”  Although they are not welcome, the New Wave Feminists will still attend the march on Saturday.

An event that rejects Pro-Life women and disregards the most vulnerable women in our nation, the preborn, does not represent women.  Like so many “fauxminists” before them, the Women’s March on Washington is so blinded by their anti-Life agenda that they are working against the best interests of women everywhere.