Indiana University caught buying brains of aborted babies

Indiana University was caught buying body parts of babies killed in abortions.  Earlier this year, at least four Texas medical school were exposed for participating in the trafficking of human body parts.  Taxpayer funded schools purchase fetal body parts to conduct experiments.  This so-called “life-saving” research is not necessary.  Calling the research life-saving is misleading, not to mention ironic because so many lives are lost in the process of “procuring specimens.”  Tremendous advances have been and continue to be made in medical science through ethical research using adult stem cells and cord blood.  The inhumane treatment of the preborn babies killed in abortion further demonstrates the callous disregard for human Life by abortion proponents.

Indiana University’s purchase of fetal brains came to the attention of Indiana Right to Life, Texas Right to Life’s sister organization, when the researchers brazenly sued the state of Indiana in order to continue their experiments.  The lawsuit comes after Indiana passed the 2016 Dignity for the Unborn law, which prohibits selling body parts obtained through abortion.  Indiana Right to Life verified that Indiana University purchased brains from the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Washington.  The brains cost $200 each.   Indiana Right to Life has access to the invoice.

Mike Fichter, president and CEO of Indiana Right to Life, issued a statement on the developments:

“We’re sickened that a price tag of $200 was put on the brain of a deceased child whose life was ended in the barbaric practice of abortion.  We urge the Indiana University Board of Trustees to step up and put a stop to the experiments on aborted babies.”

Texas Right to Life commends Indiana for passing HEA 1337, the Dignity for the Unborn bill, which brought these horrific practices to light.  Unfortunately, a federal judge suspended the law before the Pro-Life measures were to take effect in July.  The judge sided with Planned Parenthood, which filed a law suit when their profits were in jeopardy.

HEA 1337 was a needed response to the abortion industry’s organ trafficking scandal that erupted in 2015.  The Center for Medical Progress revealed that Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses have been selling baby body parts, possibly for illegal profit.  In the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature, Texas Right to Life will advocate for the Dismemberment Abortion Ban.  Ending gruesome dismemberment abortions in our state would not only protect the preborn but would also prevent Planned Parenthood from procuring saleable parts from the babies killed.

In addition to addressing the Planned Parenthood scandal, Indiana’s HEA 1337 would have protected children with Down syndrome or other disabilities from discriminatory abortions.  Another legislative priority for Texas Right to Life this session will be to end the deadly loopholes that allow for the killing of children with a suspected disability in late abortions.

As for the shocking and inhumane research taking place at Indiana University, we support Indiana Right to Life in their efforts to end the grave injustice to the preborn and the flagrant misuse of taxpayer dollars.  Indiana Right to Life is gathering signatures for a petition they will be submitting to the Indiana University Board of Trustees.  The petition calls for an end to experiments on aborted babies.  Alumni of Indiana University are encouraged to sign.