Freedom of Information Act request yields smoking gun in Planned Parenthood investigation

At least four Texas medical schools have been exposed for participating in the trafficking of baby body parts.  The schools – University of Texas branches in Houston, Galveston, and Dallas, and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso – allegedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the purchase of human body parts from aborted children.These parts were acquired by Advance Bioscience Resource Center (ABR), a California-based tissue procurement organization, or (in the case of UTMB Galveston) purchased directly from Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. 

Houston attorney Briscoe Cain obtained documentation of these transactions via a Freedom of Information Act request yielding evidence of a disturbing trend among Texas medical school ostensibly committed to teaching the values of Hippocratic medicine.  One school official in El Paso even insisted that the researchers at his school “cherish life” in spite of the horrifying reality that they purchase the bodies of children electively and horrifically killed in abortion.

Through the collusion of ABR, Planned Parenthood (and possibly other abortion chains), and Texas medical schools, the business of death has yielded a whole new – and lucrative – profit margin.  Attempts by all parties to smokescreen the problem by deferring to pathetic appeals to scientific progress utterly fail in the face of evidence that profit and profit alone drive this unethical business venture.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s horrifying disregard for human Life was laid bare in a series of undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress last year.  Likewise, the tissue procurement business ABR’s callous business practices were exposed in footage recorded at an abortion industry conference where a top official from the organization admitted that her company acquires fully intact babies delivered in abortion mills.

The official, Perrin Larton, told CMP investigators at an abortion conference, “…I literally have had women come in and they'll go in the OR, and they're back out in 3 minutes, and I'm going ‘What's goin' on?’  ‘Oh yeah, the fetus was already in the vaginal canal whenever we put her in the stirrups, it just fell out.’”  Because these children were intended to die by dismemberment (no feticidal agent was administered in-utero), they were most likely alive when they were expelled from their mothers’ wombs, and ABR swooped in to harvest their valuable body parts.

Uncovering the document trail tying Texas medical schools into the schemes of abortion and tissue procurement businesses yielded the smoking gun that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s research director, Melissa Farrell, alluded to in her conversation with undercover investigators from the Center for Medical Progress.  Farrell explained that she billed tissue buyers “per consent,” suggesting that individual body parts carried their own price tags.  This is a clear violation of the law, which only permits abortion facilities to be reimbursed for actual costs (like the FedEx bill accrued from shipping the body parts).  The documents obtained via the FOIA request are the only Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast invoices uncovered to date showing that the business sells baby body parts.  Cain, who is Texas Legal Counsel for Operation Rescue, told Texas Right to Life that the financial documents show that the schools “used tax payer money to purchase aborted fetal tissue regardless of the source of the tissue.”

“The documents for Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso are some of the most troubling of those we uncovered,” Cain continued.  “The emails between this school and ABR reveal that the reason the school purchased second trimester fetal thymus, liver, and spleen was to conduct humanized mice research–the implantation of human tissue into genetically modified lab mice.”  Cain explained that this grotesque research practice requires an “unadulterated specimen” from the baby – meaning that the baby was born alive and left to die, or was carefully dismembered by the abortionist without any feticidal agent or anesthesia administered to the child prior to being eviscerated.