House Democrats Pass Spending Bill with Unlimited Taxpayer Funding of Abortion through Medicaid

House Democrats just passed a spending bill that could use tax dollars to pay for abortions, eliminating the life-saving Hyde Amendment.

The Hyde Amendment, named after Congressman Henry Hyde, protects taxpayers from funding abortion through Medicaid. The provision has been included in every Medicaid spending bill since 1976 with bipartisan support, regardless of which party controlled Congress.

Unless blocked by the Senate, today’s Medicaid bill would force Americans to pay for elective abortions.

The Hyde Amendment is credited with saving 2.4 million lives, and in Texas there have been an estimated 285,000 babies born who might otherwise have been aborted.

According to the National Review, “The last time such an appropriations bill came to the floor of the House without the Hyde amendment was in 1993, when Democrats held 258 seats in the lower chamber. Despite the large Democratic majority, there were still enough moderates in the party to add the Hyde amendment…”

Democrats now have a smaller majority than they did in 1993, but today’s liberals are more radical than ever. Moderate Democrats are basically nonexistent. Top Democrat officials even declared Pro-Lifers are not welcome in the party.

For decades, even pro-abortion lawmakers recognized the need for the Hyde Amendment, including Joe Biden himself. Biden reversed his position in 2019 in order to cater to the Woke Left, now pledging to eliminate Hyde.

Americans’ last hope for protecting our tax dollars is to contact U.S. senators to stand strong for the Hyde Amendment.

Ask your senators to stand for Life >>

Dear Senators Cruz and Cornyn, 

I ask you to protect preborn children by standing strong for the Hyde Amendment.

Recently, House Democrats passed a spending bill (H.R. 4502) that would use my tax dollars to kill preborn babies.

The majority of Americans, myself included, believe tax dollars should not fund abortion. Please do everything you can to save the Hyde Amendment. 

Thank you.

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