Democratic Party demands all candidates embrace radical abortion platform


For decades, few people have associated Pro-Lifers with the Democratic Party.  Despite the efforts of groups like Democrat for Life of America, the party has become increasingly shackled to abortion activism.  The agenda of the Planned Parenthood abortion business is synonymous with the legislative goals of top Democrats.  That makes perfect sense in light of the millions of dollars Planned Parenthood funnels into Democrat campaigns across the country.

Although there has been a clear alliance between radical abortion activists and Democrats, the Democratic Party maintained some leniency and supported Pro-Life Democrats.  Until now.  On Friday, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez demanded that all Democratic candidates commit to an anti-Life platform, no exceptions.  Perez explained the party’s position in a statement: “Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health.”  Of course, in the anti-Life misuse of language, what Perez actually means is that every single candidate in the Democratic Party must actively advocate for the right of every mother to end the Life of a preborn child in her body, a child with a separate body and a separate beating heart.

With this uncompromising public policy stance, the truth about the Democratic Party is clear.  Pro-Lifers are not welcome in the Democratic Party, and any Pro-Lifers who try to join ranks will be rejected outright.  That’s exactly what happened to Heath Mello, a mayoral candidate for the Democrats in Omaha, Nebraska.  After Mello’s Pro-Life views surfaced, abortion groups skewered the Democratic Party and demanded that Mello be rejected by party leadership.  As Democratic leadership has so many times before, they capitulated to the wishes of the abortion lobby and publicly chastised Mello in a statement Friday.  Ironically, the controversy over Mello’s Pro-Life views erupted at the Democratic “Unity” tour stop in Omaha.  The only unity in the Democratic Party appears to be dictated by Big Abortion.

For concerned Pro-Lifers, the latest development in the platform of the Democratic Party shows that we cannot in good conscience support a Democratic candidate, because a Democratic candidate is synonymous with an anti-Life legislator.  The Pro-Life movement is recognizing more than ever the importance of electing Pro-Lifers to public office from the local to the national level.  Human Life must be respected at every level of government in order for the Pro-Life movement to advance in protecting the most vulnerable: the preborn, the disabled, and the elderly.

The latest scandal of radical abortion support does not indicate any great change for Texas.  The Republican majority will remain.  For Pro-Life Texans, the stumbling blocks to the Pro-Life movement are not from anti-Life Democrats but from Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOs).  Moderate Texas RINOs want to appease the anti-Life lobby with feel-good, do-nothing legislation they claim is Pro-Life.  In order to pass substantive Pro-Life reforms, the work of groups like Texas Right to Life is needed more than ever.  Voting for the real Pro-Life candidates in Texas isn’t as simple as checking every “R” on the ballot.  Groups like Texas Right to Life work to inform voters about the true Pro-Life champions in our state.  We now have proof that Pro-Lifers aren’t welcome in the Democratic Party.  Next, we need to unite Republicans around a truly Pro-Life platform.

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