Four states copy New York abortion law

In the wake of New York’s disastrous Reproductive Health Act, Rhode Island is also considering radically anti-Life legislation, the Reproductive Health Care Act.  H5127 would create some of the most radical abortion laws in the country, and repeal vital protections for the preborn.

After being introduced by Representatives Ajello, Blazejewski, Casimiro, Craven, and Fogarty on January 16, 2019, the bill gained support immediately from anti-Life radicals in the state legislature and the governor’s mansion.  Governor Gina Raimondo has pushed the bill, tweeting “I believe that no one should get in the middle of a decision between a woman and her doctor and that no woman should have to choose between health care and making ends meet….”

The bill would repeal all restrictions on committing an abortion prior to “fetal viability,” or ever after for the “health or life of that individual.”  According to the Supreme Court in Doe v Bolton (1973), “health” of the mother means nearly anything, including “age, economic, social, and emotional factors.”  In other words, elective abortion on demand for any reason at all.

The bill would even repeal the state’s laws against partial-birth abortions and fetal homicide, laws that protect pregnant mothers whose babies are killed by drunk drivers, abusive partners, or abortion-inducing drugs without their consent.  This last portion has earned praise from the American Civil Liberties Union, worried that fetal homicide laws would undermine the lie that the preborn are not people who deserve protection.

Passage seems likely given Democratic control of all three branches of Rhode Island’s government, but New York’s RHA has been a wake-up call for Pro-Life fighters to stand up to the RHCA.  On Wednesday, Jan 30, hundreds of Pro-Lifers came to the State House to speak up against this radical bill and support Pro-Life bills also up for debate.

Many have taken to Twitter, where the hashtag #MeStillMe has become a rallying cry for Pro-Life citizens to compare pictures of their children, born and preborn, as a form of protest against Rhode Island’s dehumanizing attacks on Life.

Rhode Island is not the only state following New York’s lead.  New Mexico and Vermont have taken steps to repeal even basic restrictions on elective abortions up until the baby is delivered. Worse yet, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has signaled that in his view, the babies may be murdered even after birth!

Friend, if you are as horrified by what is happening in New York, Rhode Island, and other states as we are at Texas Right to Life, please ACT.  With your support, we can protect Texas from this radical anti-Life agenda.  Your generosity is key to passing Pro-Life Priorities and making Texas a safe haven against this genocide of the innocent.


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