Football coach who led team to Super Bowl win stands for Life

Tony Dungy is a Super Bowl-winning coach, television commentator, and outspoken Christian.  Recently, Dungy took to Twitter to voice his Pro-Life views and challenge Christians to live in accordance with their faith.  His message is one that all Christians should consider in this election year when Pro-Life states are under attack by radical anti-Life political groups.

Christian Headlines reported on the exchange that occurred between Dungy and Tim Bryant, a Georgia radio host.  Bryant tweeted about an interview with a U.S. Senate candidate for Georgia.  Although Bryant did not include the name of the interviewee, he mentioned that the individual is a Democrat and self-described minister, likely Raphael Warnock.  He continued that, according to the candidate, “Abortion is ‘healthcare’ and ‘reproductive justice’ and God is cool with it.”

In reply, Dungy tweeted, “When you say ‘a minister’ does that mean they represent a church?  I’d like to know what book the candidate uses as their foundation for truth and their guiding principles?  It couldn’t be the Bible.”  Dungy, like many courageous Pro-Life Christians, points out the simple fact that the Bible presents a Pro-Life worldview.  

When some people on Twitter tried to argue against Dungy’s uncontroversial position that authentic Christians must be Pro-Life, Dungy responded.  One person tweeted asking where the Bible mentions abortion, seeming to imply that there are no grounds for Dungy’s position.  Dungy replied, “Read Psalm 139.  Here is part of it.  If you believe the Bible is the word of Fod [sic] you can’t read this and conclude that God doesn’t view a baby in the womb as a life.”  Dungy included an image of verses 15 and 16, “You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.  You saw me before I was born.”

Other Twitter users claimed that Dungy was trying to legislate Christianity by reminding Christians of their Pro-Life worldview.  One person replied to Dungy saying religion “has NO place in government.”  Dungy responded, “You better be glad there is some religion and sense of right and wrong in government.  If governing was left purely up to people we would be pretty messed up.”  Another point that Dungy does not explicitly acknowledge in this exchange is that the fact that Christians are Pro-Life does not mean being Pro-Life is exclusively Christian.  Science and reason have convinced many people, Christian and non-Christian alike, of the sanctity of all human Life.

Other Twitter users tried to cite other Christians as a reason that Dungy was somehow wrong that the Bible is Pro-Life.  To someone who stated Jerry Falwell was “insincere on abortion,” Dungy replied, “Christians were against abortion before anyone ever heard of Jerry Falwell.  Anyone familiar with Psalm 139 would be against abortion.”

Dungy emphasized that his point was not political but moral.  When he was accused of being partisan, Dungy stated, “Right and wrong has nothing to do with political party.  Right and wrong is based on following what God says, not our own ideas or wishes.”  For Christians, if a candidate is anti-Life, the candidate is not someone for whom a Christian can justly vote.

Dungy is not alone in pointing out that one cannot be authentically Christian and anti-Life.  Pro-Life pastors have realized the need to state this to their congregations.  In a time when radical anti-Life candidates try to posture as “Christian” to win votes, returning Bible-believing Christians to the truth is essential.  Not only is defending the sanctity of human Life necessary for Christians, but also Christians bring with their Pro-Life views a message of mercy and forgiveness for the many people in our culture who have been affected by abortion.

In a time when celebrities are rarely vocal about being Pro-Life, Dungy’s courageous and uncompromising defense of human Life is admirable.  Other football stars, including Ben Watson and Tim Tebow, have spoken out against abortion and articulated their Pro-Life values.  With their example, other Pro-Lifers may be inspired to defend Life, too. 



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