Following “dance party protest,” Planned Parenthood hosts bizarre “bra pong” fundraiser

Planned Parenthood is continuing their stretch of bizarre events to grab hold of their fleeting relevancy.  The abortion group’s political arm in Texas has endorsed radical anti-Life candidates in local and special elections this November, and is supporting a ballot proposition for cancer research – which is ironic, because abortion has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer

Following their dance party protest in July, Planned Parenthood is hosting “Bras and Brews” today, featuring “bra pong,” drink specials, and “your favorite Planned Parenthood Texas Votes cuties getting out the vote for the November 5 election!”  Cancer prevention is indeed a noble cause, and because cancer claims the lives of so many Americans each year, this is a cause close to the hearts of many. A farcical fundraiser from an organization that profits off children’s deaths and exposes mothers to an increased risk of breast cancer, however, rings hollow.  When you thought the abortion industry couldn’t get any lower, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes decides to raise money by capitalizing on cancer with “bra pong.” 

What’s more, Planned Parenthood does not and never did anything substantive to provide cancer screening services to low-income women.  Despite the relentless lie about Planned Parenthood’s “services” that women supposedly rely on, Planned Parenthood has never operated a single mammography machine.  Meanwhile, in the decades that Planned Parenthood has insisted abortion is “only 3%” of what they do (that’s a lie so big even their anti-Life friends had to disagree), cancer screenings and health services are down at Planned Parenthood while abortions increased.

Not only does Planned Parenthood neglect significant aid to detect breast cancer and help women facing the devastating diagnosis and their families, a growing body of evidence suggests that Planned Parenthood’s main “service,” abortion, is a preventable risk factor for breast cancer.  The research is so clear on the subject that even a so-called “pro-choice” filmmaker was convinced of the abortion breast cancer link.  But you’ll never hear that from Planned Parenthood, and the abortion business bullies cancer research funding groups into silence, too.

The numbers of abortions far outpacing the few legitimate health services reflect the business model of Planned Parenthood.  Last year, executives at Planned Parenthood released their strategic plan to “super-size” the abortion business and lobby even more — all while collecting YOUR tax dollars.  Make no mistake, Planned Parenthood is not in the business of “getting out the vote” for cancer research funding; they are in the business of largescale abortion and lobbying make these atrocities legal.  Giving money to any Planned Parenthood PAC, whether you play “bra pong” or not, goes directly to pushing the most radical and deadly abortion agenda at every level of government.

Before collecting PAC dollars to push the most radical anti-Life candidates and policies in the state, perhaps Planned Parenthood could end the killing of preborn children and focus on providing legitimate health services to low-income women and families.  Of course, this is not necessary, as the Texas Legislature has ensured the creation of the Healthy Texas Women so that women have access to real healthcare. 

The reality is, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is another opportunity for Planned Parenthood to fundraise while continuing to operate as the largest abortion business in the nation, both ending the lives of innocent preborn human beings and subjecting their mothers to increased risk for the very disease they claim to raising money to fight.