The preventable breast cancer risk factor every woman should know

Despite the fact that studies show elective abortion is an independent risk factor for breast cancer, Pro-Lifers are often accused of fabricating the abortion-breast cancer link. Abortion promoters claim that Pro-Lifers are trying to scare women by telling them there is a link between abortion and the potential for a life-threatening illness later in life. This is nonsense.

Pro-Lifers are not trying to scare women but to protect human lives. An abortion wrongfully ends an innocent human Life, and this is the reason Pro-Lifers are opposed to abortion. Abortion is an entirely preventable risk factor for breast cancer, and women deserve to know this, so they can make a fully informed decision. The studies are so compelling that even an anti-Life filmmaker recognized the undeniable abortion-breast cancer link.

Pro-Lifers also don’t have a financial incentive to tell women that abortion is a risk factor for breast cancer. The abortion industry, on the other hand, does have a significant financial incentive to bury the truth about the abortion-breast cancer link. The abortion industry also has a history of lying to women: about fetal development, about other risks associated with abortion, and about the resources available to them to choose Life.

For a more complete explanation of the data demonstrating the abortion-breast cancer link and how allies of the abortion industry have misused statistics to claim otherwise, read Joel Brind’s paper on the subject. Brind states, “It is deplorable that in an era in which women’s rights appear so prominently on the political and public health landscape, women should be denied the right to know about the breast cancer risk-increasing effect of such a common matter of choice as induced abortion.”

And yet, despite all evidence that abortion is a risk factor for breast cancer, America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, has successfully duped much of the American public into believing that the abortion industry is a major part of preventing and diagnosing breast cancer. Exhibit A: What is the first thing Planned Parenthood supporters and political cronies tout about the abortion business? The life-saving mammograms they supposedly provide.

A quick look at the FDA list of certified mammography facilities shows Planned Parenthood does not own a single mammography machine. For people who have been paying attention, this is old news. In 2015, Cecile Richards, the former-president of Planned Parenthood, revealed the awkward truth that the abortion business doesn’t provide the much-advertised mammograms (and they never did!). The admission came as part of the congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood for the illegal trafficking of baby body parts harvested in abortions for profit.

The absurdity of the abortion giant Planned Parenthood lying about providing mammograms while also suppressing the truth about the abortion-breast cancer link is a great example of why Pro-Lifers must speak out against Planned Parenthood. We are opposed to Planned Parenthood first and foremost because they end the lives of more than 320,000 innocent preborn babies each year in abortions. On top of that, they are a tremendously powerful marketing machine for abortion and the many lies that entails.

Not only does Planned Parenthood not provide mammograms to any women anywhere in the United States, but abortion is also the single most preventable risk factor for breast cancer. Planned Parenthood can do nothing to diagnose breast cancer and legitimately assist women fighting this devastating disease. Meanwhile, they continue to aggressively profit from abortions, which are known to increase chances of developing breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a devastating illness that affects one in eight women in the United States. The disease is complex and often occurs due to many factors. Abortion is never necessary. Therefore, abortion as an independent risk factor can be eliminated. The abortion industry profits first from the deaths of innocent preborn babies and then profits from the assistance of pro-abortion media and allies in powerful positions of organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Without the help of these allies suppressing the link between abortion and breast cancer, Planned Parenthood would not be able to spread these falsehoods with impunity.

Women deserve to know that the child in the womb is a unique person from the earliest stages of development, a unique person whose heart is beating as early as 16 days after conception. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women also deserve to know that the same industry that lies to them about their preborn children is keeping them in the dark about the abortion-breast cancer link.