FBI moves toward criminal probe of Planned Parenthood for selling baby body parts

The Federal Bureau of Investigation requested more than 30,000 pages of documents from the Senate Judiciary Committee that investigated Planned Parenthood and StemExpress for trafficking the body parts of babies killed in abortion.  According to The Hill, the request signals that the FBI may be investigating Planned Parenthood for illegally selling baby body parts, possibly developing into a criminal probe.

The congressional investigations of Planned Parenthood and StemExpress were prompted by the release of shocking undercover footage by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).  The videos, released beginning in 2015, showed top executives at Planned Parenthood haggling over the price of baby body parts and discussing violations of patients’ rights and federal laws.

Last year, at the conclusion of the investigations by the United States House of Representatives Select Panel on Infant Lives and the Senate Judiciary Committee, both committees referred several Planned Parenthood affiliates for further investigation and criminal prosecution.  Earlier this year, the FBI confirmed that the agency had received the criminal referrals and sent them to field offices to be investigated.  The recent request by the FBI is for the unredacted documents given to the Senate Judiciary Committee by abortion businesses and procurement agencies, like StemExpress.

The Hill notes, “Abortion providers are allowed under a 1993 law to transfer fetal tissue for research at a cost equal to the price of obtaining it, but are not allowed to sell it at a profit.”  Congressional committees found the evidence of extensive investigation so compelling that they were confident referring Planned Parenthood and StemExpress for prosecution for profiting from the sale of baby body parts.  A recent video series by CMP shows how Planned Parenthood structured lucrative arrangements with tissue procurement agencies and profited from the sale of the body parts of dead babies.

Following news of the FBI’s request, David Daleiden of CMP said that the “sale of aborted baby body parts is the greatest human atrocity of our times and must finally be brought to justice under the law.”  Unfortunately, despite overwhelming evidence including hours of first-hand footage of the abortion industry, more than two years after the scandal broke Planned Parenthood has yet to face justice.  Hopefully, the latest developments indicate a serious effort on the part of the FBI and the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges for America’s largest abortion business and the other businesses that have profited from the death of the preborn.