Dems move to fund abortion immediately upon gaining power

In recent years the Democratic Party has capitulated more and more to the abortion mob. First, at the bidding of the powerful abortion lobby, the party demanded that all candidates embrace a radical abortion platform. Then even a personal Pro-Life stance that would not be reflected in public policy became unacceptable for a candidate running as a Democrat.

Drifting toward a more and more radical anti-Life platform is not surprising. Democrats have been receiving millions in campaign contributions from abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, so the establishment of legalized killing of the preborn as a core part of Democratic public policy is a logical consequence. The mass hysteria unleashed by Democratic Party operatives over the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court confirmed how central legalized elective abortion has become to the Democratic Party. The objection stated over and over by abortion activists and leading Democrats was that the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court would end the legal killing of the preborn, a claim that was not even true.

Although Pro-Life Democrats were once a minor but accepted faction of the party, now fealty to taxpayer-funded elective abortion on demand is a prerequisite for acceptance in the Democratic Party. If there were any doubt that electing legislators with such close ties to the abortion industry would lead to anti-Life policies, Democrats demonstrated that elective abortion is now a top priority on their first day in power. After gaining control of the House, Democrats proposed a spending bill on January 3 that included a radical abortion agenda.

The bill, which was politically insolvent for other reasons, would have reversed the Pro-Life Mexico City Policy that President Trump reinstated immediately upon taking office. Every Pro-Life president since Ronald Reagan has enacted this Pro-Life rule that bars funding to international aid organizations that commit or promote abortions abroad. Thus, the policy prevents predatory abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood from using taxpayer dollars to push elective abortion around the world.

The Democrat’s appropriations proposal would also have allotted $37.5 million to the United Nations Population Fund, which has been criticized by Pro-Lifers for participating in coerced abortions and sterilizations. Last year, the Trump administration withdrew from the UN Population Fund, citing the complicity and participation in China’s brutal and inhumane forced abortion policies.

Anyone who has been paying attention is not surprised by the Democrat’s anti-Life proposals. That one of the very first items on the agenda of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her anti-Life party was to fund abortions with taxpayer dollars is a warning to our nation of the anti-Life policies ahead. All along, the Democrats have had their eye on the 2020 election, and if they are able to gain power beyond the House, the threat to innocent human Life will be immense.

In Texas, Pro-Life Republicans have maintained a majority in both chambers of the legislature. But we cannot assume that this means we are immune to the threats of an increasingly radical abortion lobby. First and foremost, federal policies affect Texas taxpayers, and there is only so much that Pro-Life legislators in Texas can do to combat anti-Life policies from Washington should things take a turn for the worse. The Trump administration has taken some steps to implement life-affirming policies, but that progress could easily be undone should the abortion industry’s favorite political party come to power.

Second, many Texas Republicans have been weak and ineffectual in defending lives in Austin. Campaigning as Pro-Life to win votes, too many legislators become moderate Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOs) in the capitol. The recent anti-Life proposals by leading Democrats should make clear what is at stake. Voters need to hold their legislators accountable for following through on Pro-Life campaign promises. The Pro-Life legislative priorities cannot wait; lives are at stake.