Austin City Council Proposes Resolution Opposing Texas Heartbeat Act

The Austin City Council introduced a resolution instructing the city’s legal department to support lawsuits against the Texas Heartbeat Act at taxpayers’ expense.

Paige Ellis sponsored the resolution, and the item is on the council’s Thursday agenda.

Austin City Council should have learned a lesson after previous pro-abortion efforts landed the city in multiple lawsuits. This is another example of Austin City Council’s abortion fanaticism. Instead of engaging in these juvenile and futile attempts to sabotage the Texas Heartbeat Act, the city council should assist pregnant mothers and preborn children who need their support. Sadly, we know this ask is made in vain, because the City of Austin extols abortion above all else — especially the lives of the most vulnerable. 

Nonetheless, the Texas Heartbeat Act has saved nearly 3,000 preborn babies since taking effect on September 1.

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