Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States

The United States Senate voted 52-48 today to finally confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. She will be sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas this evening. Judge Barrett’s presence on the high court represents a significant win for Life and advances us one step closer to the day when Americans will no longer live in the shadow of Roe v. Wade.

Texas Right to Life is highly optimistic that Judge Barrett’s pro-woman, Pro-Life perspective will result in nationwide victories for Life, given her judicial philosophy and her experience as the mother of seven school-aged children. 

Texans should be emboldened by this confirmation to stand for Life in the upcoming legislative session in January when lawmakers convene in Austin. Texas is strategically positioned to lead the Pro-Life movement by passing bold life-saving legislation that would save preborn babies here as well as prompt other Pro-Life victories across the country.

President Donald Trump and the Republican majority in the Senate could not have chosen a more highly qualified, Pro-Life jurist to become the newest Supreme Court justice. This timely nomination and confirmation serve as another reason why Pro-Life voters unapologetically support President Trump’s re-election.

Texas Right to Life celebrates the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and looks forward to the day when the grievously erroneous “right to abortion” precedent is finally abandoned.



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