After more than 46 years, United Methodist Church reverses anti-Life position on abortion

The United Methodist Church spent more than forty-six years supporting unlimited abortion on-demand in the United States.  The church, which boasts more than twelve million members worldwide, engaged in what has been called a “shocking turn of events” last month when, during the General Conference, the UMC overhauled the abortion platform in place for nearly half a century.

Until now, the United Methodist Church backed unlimited abortion on-demand, defended Roe v. Wade, and sanctioned numerous committees aimed at supporting or raising the so-called “right” to elective abortion.  In the wake of Roe v. Wade, in fact, the sect was a founding member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), a lobby group pushing abortion.  The RCRC was notorious for supporting the barbaric and now-banned practice of partial-birth abortion, in which a baby (up until the moment of natural, full-term delivery) is delivered breech and killed while only his head remains in the birth canal.

At the General Assembly, which occurs every four years, the UMC voted by a strong majority of 425-268 to withdraw from the RCRC.  The UMC also withdrew support for Roe v. Wade, the monumental 1973 Supreme Court case that federally legalized abortion on-demand in the United States.

Joseph Rossell of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission opined that, in this happily unexpected turn of events, the UMC is “making substantive progress toward a biblically-founded social witness.”  Likewise, Juicy Ecumenism’s Mark Tooley commented that the UMC’s withdrawal from the RCRC “seems like a spiritual liberation from a very dark captivity.”

In losing the support of a Christian sect of the UMC’s magnitude, Planned Parenthood and affiliates are further exposed for their fraudulent alignment with Judeo-Christian values.  Planned Parenthood has long maintained a “Clergy Advisory Board” aimed at lending credibility to their barbaric work of abortion.  The group calls on the board to evoke out-of-context Bible verses and fluffy, Christian-esque soundbites to give their unending PR stunts an air of credibility.

UMC members and clergy have been an integral and active part of the abortion industry-Christian denomination overlap for decades.  In fact, just two years ago, Methodist Healthcare Ministries sent nearly half a million dollars to Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas.