Who´s your God? The Religion of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood does a very good job of featuring ordained leaders of many different religions on their website:  Presbyterian, Methodist, Jewish, Unitarian Universalist.  They are even proud of the fact that the first legal abortion mill in the United States was opened in New York in 1970 by the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion who “struggled for reproductive freedom in an effort to realize the sacred vision of a truly just society” (emphasis added).  In 2009, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Clergy Advisory Board created a pastoral letter to be distributed at places of worship to reassure and offer their support to women considering abortions.  The letter states: “Many people wrongly assume that the Bible disapproves of abortion.  The truth is that abortion is not even mentioned in the Scriptures — Jewish or Christian.”  This is true; the Bible does not mention abortion by name.  It does however clearly state “You shall not murder” in Exodus 20:13.  If we take the Planned Parenthood mentality and say that abortion is right (it is not listed in the Bible, after all), then is destroying a city with an atomic bomb okay?  What about creating a computer virus?  Just because something is not mentioned by name does not make that that thing okay.  Rather than list everything that would be against God's will, the Bible gives us guidelines and principles that we can apply to the issues that come up in our everyday lives.

Rev. Jane Emma Newall, a Minister at Rainbow Cathedral MCC in Yakima, Washington, said that she works with Planned Parenthood because “the work of Planned Parenthood is a ministry of healing.”  Yes, you read that correctly.  Planned Parenthood believes it is okay to talk about religion as long as it suits their purposes.  One prime example is the recent opening of the abortion super mill here in Houston.  The dedication of the facility, dubbed Prevention Park, included a prayer service and the place was defined as “sacred and holy ground.”  It is interesting to note that while it is perfectly acceptable for Planned Parenthood to perform a religious service on the grounds of a tax-funded space, it is completely unacceptable for a coach at a public high school to lead his or her team in prayer.

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, former president of Human Life International and an official exorcist of the Catholic Church, sums up Planned Parenthood’s religion perfectly:

“No human activity glorifies Satan and his minions more than abortion.  The abortion industry is our modern-day Valley of Slaughter, where abortionists offer ritual blood sacrifice to that ancient demon of child murder. Their work is in every way the key ritual of a demonic religion. Yes, a religion: Abortion has an infallible dogma (“choice”), a ruling hierarchy (Planned Parenthood), theologians (feminist ideologues), a sacrificing priesthood (abortionists), temples (abortion mills), altars of sacrifice (surgical tables), ritual victims (babies and also women), acolytes and sacristans (clinic workers and technicians), guardian angels (police and death-scorts), congregations (leftist foundations and private supporters), and its own version of “grace” that makes everything work (money).”

We here at Texas Right to Life, in solidarity with many other Pro-Lifers, pray everyday for an end to abortion.  We pray for pregnancy resource centers, for our nation’s leaders, and for any pregnant woman we may know.  We advocate peace and certainly do not condone those who blow up abortion clinics.  We read from the Holy Bible each day and reflect on God’s word to us in our fight against this culture of death.  How, then, can Planned Parenthood propose that God is on their side?  How could Planned Parenthood dedicate their new center in Houston in May with a prayer service and define the building as sacred and holy ground?  Did I miss something?  This is because Planned Parenthood has publicly declared its religion is choice, its sacrament is abortion, and its god is money.