After fleeing for her life, Las Vegas mom gives birth to healthy baby boy two days after nation’s worst mass shooting

Markie Coffer was a week past her due date with son, Wyatt, when she and her boyfriend Travis Matheson decided to go to the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival in Las Vegas.  The music festival is now infamous as the site of the deadliest mass shooting in United States history.  Fox 5 Las Vegas reported on Wyatt’s miraculous arrival after his family escaped the carnage on October 1.

Hoping Markie would go into labor, the family attended multiple days of the country music festival.  After enjoying the festival with Coffer’s young children, Travis and Markie returned on Sunday night with Markie’s brother Cody.  They were eagerly anticipating the final act with Jason Aldean and hoping that the music and dancing might convince baby Wyatt to make an arrival.

Their plans changed radically just after 10 p.m. when gunfire fell on the crowd of 22,000.  Travis, who served as a specialist in the Army, took charge to protect Markie and their preborn son.  Travis explained to Fox, “I told her, ‘We got to get to safety and find somewhere to hide.’”  Due to his military training, Travis knew they needed to seek cover and get out of the open field.  Pregnant Markie, Travis, and Markie’s brother Cody crawled across the open festival ground and eventually reached safety.  Markie told Fox this was “the most terrifying moment of her life,” as she crawled to shelter with bullets whizzing past her.  Her only thought was of her preborn son.  During the harrowing escape, Cody was injured with a gunshot to the shoulder.

Friends assisted in bringing Cody to the hospital where he received treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.  Just two days later, baby Wyatt arrived.  Markie describes the birth of her son saying, “It was perfect timing for him.”  Proud father Travis says Wyatt is “the light at the end of the tunnel.”  For Wyatt’s family, his arrival has increased their gratitude for escaping the massacre.  His parents are thankful they were uninjured and able to welcome him.

For many, hearing Wyatt’s story is a ray of hope after the indescribable violence and tragedy.  In times of hardship, welcoming new Life can raise the spirits of communities and inspire people to come together after great loss.  Wyatt, with his unique and unforgettable birth story, is no doubt bringing hope and healing to his family and neighbors.  Our prayers continue to be with those affected by the violence in Las Vegas.