Abortionists Petition Supreme Court Again to Block Texas Heartbeat Act

Pro-abortion groups asked the U.S. Supreme Court again to consider their complaint against the Texas Heartbeat Act. Abortion businesses want the court to rush through the basic jurisdiction questions raised before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals instead of waiting for those arguments to be fully vetted by the lower court.

Justices previously denied abortionists’ plea in this case (Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson), deeming that the district judge ignored critical legal questions regarding the validity of the frivolous suit. 

Texas Right to Life Vice President Elizabeth Graham stated:

“Every day, the abortion industry loses money, loses business, and loses their legal attacks against the Texas Heartbeat Act. Today’s filing with the Supreme Court proves they are running out of options. The abortion industry is asking the court to forgo regular judicial procedures and step outside their constitutional authority to cater to the abortionists and stop this life-saving law.”

The case currently is in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Texas Heartbeat Act has remained in effect since September 1, 2021, and is estimated to have saved at least 2,300 babies from abortion.