Abortion mob after death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “Stock up on abortions”

The death of anti-Life Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has unleashed a wave of abortion mob hysteria.  Ginsburg left a legacy of advocating for unrestricted abortion, and in this already pivotal election year, the vacancy on the court has produced unprecedented outrage. 

Many media outlets zeroed in on the future of legal abortion in reporting Ginsburg’s death.  Fearmongering ran rampant with headlines like “Ruth Bader Ginsburg protected your abortion rights. Be afraid now that she’s gone.”  Ginsburg was outspokenly anti-Life and gained a reputation for defending the unsound Roe v. Wade decision that legalized elective abortion in all 50 states.

Several self-described journalists and radical abortion activists immediately turned to fundraising for abortion upon hearing the news.  For the abortion mob, the death of a Supreme Court justice is a reason to put money toward violently ending the lives of preborn children.  Others joked that women should “stock up on abortions.”

Perhaps one of the most unnerving abortion mob reactions in the media was a piece on The Lily which imagined Ginsburg as an omni-present, anti-Life ghost existing in people killing the preborn everywhere.  The article claims “Ginsburg did not die” because she lives on through efforts to continue and expand the killing of preborn children.  According to this ghoulish take, “Ginsburg lives on in the abortion providers…You can see glimpses of her in their eyes as they remind patients…abortion providers will continue to show up for them. Someone will always be there” to end the lives of preborn babies.

Outside the media, abortion activists were also in hysterics, likely encouraged by all the high-profile mania surrounding Ginsburg’s anti-Life legacy.  Many of these outbursts were nothing more than fits of rage.  One abortion radical was inspired in the wake of Ginsburg’s passing to become a Satanist.  The woman, who describes herself as “a 40-something attorney and mother who lives in a quiet neighborhood with a yard and a garage full of scooters and soccer balls,” found that after looking into the Satanic Temple she fit in already.  She writes, “these were my people and that I had been a Satanist for several years without even knowing it.”  Support for killing preborn children and Satanism go hand-in-hand, and the Satanic Temple is a well-known friend of the abortion industry.

Watching these public meltdowns by the abortion mob tells us that Life is gaining a foothold and advancing in the fight to defend the preborn.  The abortion mob is terrified of another strong Constitutionalist justice filling the vacancy on the Court.  President Donald Trump, who has a record of strong Pro-Life leadership, has already nominated two justices to the Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

The hysteria reached a fever pitch with the confirmation hearings of Justice Kavanaugh.  The nation saw then that members of the abortion mob, and their allies in the mainstream media, will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who might recognize that legal protection extends to the child in the womb.

With President Trump’s announcement that he is nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett, the onslaught of attacks from the abortion mob has begun.  Anti-Life NARAL claims “lives are on the line” in the confirmation hearing of Judge Barrett.  The irony, of course, is that lives are on the line in the continuing regime of legal elective abortion forced on states by the unsound Roe v. Wade decision.

Already Barrett has faced vicious attacks for her deeply held faith and even had the legitimacy of her children’s adoption questioned.  We know this is only the beginning.  The abortion mob, the lucrative abortion industry, and their Satanic allies will do anything to stop the confirmation of another Constitutionalist justice to the Court.

In addition to the possibility of one day overturning Roe v. Wade, Barrett may play a role in many other Pro-Life victories if confirmed.  Most immediately of concern in Texas is the Whole Women’s Health v. Paxtoncase, which is currently waiting appeal in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  This case, the abortion industry’s challenge to the Pro-Life Dismemberment Abortion Ban, could eventually reach the Supreme Court and be instrumental in determining whether other states can also protect children in the womb from the gruesome dismemberment abortion procedure that rips the living child limb-from-limb while her heart is still beating.

The abortion mob is right about one thing: lives are on the line in replacing the most anti-Life justice on the Court.