YouTuber: Why does Planned Parenthood care that #BlackLivesMatter

Daniel Dalton, a YouTube commentator who addresses politics and religion, is asking why Planned Parenthood feigns concern for the lives of Black Americans in Ferguson when the organization has a long-standing bias against Blacks in the womb.  Daniel is the creator of the YouTube channel State of DanielHe noticed that a recent Planned Parenthood tweet is highly ironic given the abortion giant's racist tendencies, which go back to Margaret Sanger, the organization’s founder.   In the tweet, Planned Parenthood used the hash tag, #BlackLivesMatter.  The hash tag first debuted during the Trayvon Martin debacle, and has been resurrected during the Ferguson debate.

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In 2011, 78% of the abortions in NYC were committed against Black and Hispanic babies combined.  In 2012, the number was around 73%.  

Daniel poses a pointed question in the video above:  Why should anyone view Michael Brown's death as more grievous or offensive than the death of a Black child who is in the womb?  “Why not call it a very, very late-term abortion?,” he asked.  “Because at the end of the day, what's the difference?  If you abort someone or if you shoot someone in the head, the end result's going to be the same: they're not going to be here.”

“This entire time they keep reminding us that Michael Brown was unarmed,” he said.  “Well, you know what?  Black babies are unarmed when they're killed in the womb.  On the one hand, Planned Parenthood and all these other people are putting their hands up in honor of Michael Brown.  But with the other hand they're putting their hands around the necks of the unborn.”

Daniel spoke to us, expressing his frustration that the mainstream media is silent on the racism of abortion.  “There's a lot the media ignores when it comes to the mass genocide happening in our country every day,” he said.  “With the Ferguson case bringing race back into the limelight, it was heartbreaking to me that no one was talking about the black genocide happening because of abortion.”

Daniel mentioned Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger's questionable approach to race and human equality.  “How aren't more people talking about this?,” he asked.  “I know I'm just a small YouTuber, but even a small candle is enough to shine light in a darkened room.  Hopefully Pro-Life supporters continue speaking out, catching fire, and raising awareness.”

The situation has worsened in recent times, as evidenced by astronomical Black abortion numbers.  Reports reveal that, in New York City, more Black babies were aborted in 2011 and 2012 than all of the other ethnic identities combined.  Black and Hispanic abortions comprised 73-78% of the total number of abortions in those years, and in 2012 more Black babies were aborted than born.  And Planned Parenthood's presence in the state is strong: New York is second only to California in number of Planned Parenthood clinics, with 7 (California has 8).

“Long story short,” Daniel concludes, “un-Planned Parenthood… should not be telling us that black lives matter… when they're the ones slaughtering babies.”

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