Your Support Builds Strong Pro-Life Families!

Many believe that building strong and loving Pro-Life families is some of the most important work that can be done. Your support not only advances the Pro-Life cause in hospitals, campuses, courts, and legislatures but also in the culture through young men and women committed to the defense of Life. Thanks to you, Monica Hollingshead and Josh Salas met as Texas Right to Life interns; now the couple is engaged to be married in June!

Monica and Josh met in 2018 after starting their Texas Right to Life internships. Now, they’re engaged to be married.

Monica grew up in the Pro-Life movement. After her summer internship in
2018, she joined our ranks full-time as a receptionist and membership services associate. When you call Texas Right to Life, Monica’s is the sweet voice you’ll hear on the other side of the phone. Josh became a strong Pro-Life advocate during his high school and college years and currently works for Texas Right to Life as an IT Associate. For years, these two unsung heroes have been a big part of Texas Right to Life’s efforts. They now plan on spending their lives together and raising a strong Pro-Life family.

Monica was immediately struck by his passion for the Pro-Life cause and impressed by his involvement in Houston Baptist University’s “Pro-Life Huskies” group. Josh, more on the introverted side, found that conversations with Monica came naturally. Often seeing her working overtime deep into the evening, he admired her commitment to the cause. But Josh could never have foreseen the beautiful relationship which was to grow between them. While Monica was away for a Texas Right to Life training in 2019, Josh texted her to see how she was doing. That text turned into a phone conversation that sparked more and more discussions outside of work on all types of topics both deep and fun. Eventually these conversations led to their first date, and the rest is history!

We promoted Monica and Josh to full-time associates after their internships. You’ll hear Monica’s sweet voice if you call Texas Right to Life, and Josh works behind the scenes to ensure our technology works smoothly!

You changed Monica and Josh’s life in more ways than one! The two are now stronger Christians, as well, thanks to you. To Monica, her time at Texas Right to Life has enabled her to grow closer to God and instilled in her a resolve to “always put God first.” Both Josh and Monica are continually inspired by each other to grow in holiness and commitment to the defense of Life. Moving into the next chapter of their lives as husband and wife, they plan to continue their efforts to defend Life, lovingly raise strong Pro-Life children, and keep growing in love for God and each other.

Thank you for bringing love through Life!



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