You just saved a life.

Thanks to your support, a young man has a new chance to live. 

A desperate father called our office last week for emergency help. His son, patient K., a young man in his thirties, was about to be killed. After sustaining a brain injury in a car accident, doctors diagnosed Patient K. as brain dead. The hospital abruptly informed the family that they would remove life-sustaining treatment, prompting his death. K’s father, a physician himself, demanded to see the test results. After speaking with hospital personnel, serious questions arose about whether K. met the legal and medical definition of brain death, or whether he had instead suffered a brain injury. However, K.’s family was told they had no choice in the matter; their son was going to be removed from treatment and his organs were to be harvested at 3 p.m. 

K. was still alive, but the hospital gave up on him. 

However, K.’s family was not ready to give up on their son. The family wanted a second opinion. They wanted to give K. more time and a chance to live.

K.’s father called Texas Right to Life just hours before his son’s organs were to be harvested in a last-ditch effort to save his son. 

Your support ministered to K. and his family. Katherine Pitcher, our Legislative and Legal Associate, guided K.’s father on what to say and do to defend his son. After she hung up with K.’s father, his hopes renewed; Katherine immediately sprung to action to save K. The hospital planned to harvest K.’s organs at 3 p.m. so there was absolutely no time to lose. 

Let us be very clear. K.’s father called our office, with less than half a day before K’s organs were to be harvested, and because of your commitment to this cause, you saved K.’s life. Long story short, you just saved a life, K.’s life. 

Tragically, K. is not in good condition. With a brain death diagnosis hovering over the situation K.’s family must remain active and vigilant to ensure their son continues to receive the care he needs. Please pray for K. and his family. 

Horrifically, cases like K.’s arise all the time across Texas. Our laws in Texas do not protect Life, so we demand our legislators pass bills to defend Life. Our culture does not value Life, so we work hard to educate and equip students and individuals to be boldly Pro-Life. None of that would be possible without you. You are the true hero, standing up for Life and saving Texas.

Your support saved K.’s life. But the struggle to defend Life continues. Keep fighting the fight. Your support makes a difference.