You decide: Planned Parenthood won´t supply embattled abortionist for requested federal hearing. Do they have a good excuse?

In lieu of supplying abortionist Deborah Nucatola – whose words in this video have placed Planned Parenthood under intense government scrutiny – Planned Parenthood has instead furnished a letter explaining why Nucatola is not the girl they want.  Can Planned Parenthood hypnotize the House Energy and Commerce Committee into buying a 5-page letter instead of the actual abortionist whose presence they requested?  They’re trying.  LifeSite News reports:

Roger K. Evans, Senior Counsel for Law & Policy for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, replied to the letter sent to Richards and said, after a long preamble paragraph that sounds more like a PR statement for the “women’s health” rhetoric the abortion giant spews, that they needed more time and would think about letting Nucatola talk.

The request for Nucatola comes at the behest of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee.  The contents of the letter cover a vast array of topics wholly unrelated to the issues the ECC wishes to examine:

·         A long diatribe on how wonderful Planned Parenthood is with a stellar almost 100 year history (a history of racism, eugenics, and exploitation), replete with their usual soundbite about the group’s “extremely high medical and ethical standards.” (Yawn.)

·         Planned Parenthood cites quite a few quotes from Nucatola which were omitted from the three-minute edited version of the abortionist’s secretly filmed conversation in attempt to prove that the unedited, full-length footage undermines the shorter version.  The problem?  In their race to debunk the edited version of the video, Planned Parenthood’s lawyers chose to omit the most damning statement Nucatola made about the sale of aborted baby parts at all, which was also omitted from the edited video: “And if they [Planned Parenthood affiliates] can do a little better than break even, and do so in a way that seems reasonable, they’re happy to do that.

·         Next, Planned Parenthood launches into an over-the-top attempt to discredit two figures at the helm of the investigation—David Daleiden and Troy Newman—as fanatical, law-breaking activists whose relationship with Planned Parenthood was illicit.  The letter even links Troy Newman with the 2009 murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller—a murder that Newman has decried, in no uncertain terms, as a setback to the Pro-Life movement.

·         Next up, Planned Parenthood contributes to the gargantuan body of evidence proving that their treatment of human beings is inhumane and barbaric.  The letter refers to the dissection of murdered preborn children as tissue processing: “We believe that on at least one occasion a representative from Biomax was shown a highly sensitive area in a clinic where tissue is processed after abortion procedures.”  As if to assuage public outrage, the lawyer ensures the reader that “this work is standard and essential” – but flip flops back to his original point to insist that recording this ‘tissue processing’ would be an “invasion of [their]patients’ privacy and dignity.”  Speaking out of both sides of one’s mouth may be convenient, Planned Parenthood, but does not make an argument valid.

·         Planned Parenthood betrays their real concern toward the end of the letter, saying: “The ever-present threat of these deceptive practices makes it vastly more difficult for Planned Parenthood to do its important work.”  Aha.  Planned Parenthood wants this issue to just go away already.  However, sending Nucatola to a hearing would only keep the matter in the spotlight.  Now we understand why Nucatola’s deep connections with the federal government have suddenly evaporated from the public eye.

Planned Parenthood explains that they need time – lots and lots of time – to “assess” whether sending Nucatola is in their business’ best interests.  Meanwhile, however, Planned Parenthood sincerely hopes “that this letter helps answer your questions and explains why the video was a gross distortion of Dr. Nucatola’s comments.”  In fact, the letter doesn’t answer any of the questions raised by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Will Planned Parenthood’s normal tactic of obfuscating wrongdoing until the issue fades from public memory work this time?  Not if YOU continue to make your voice heard.  Join Texas Right to Life at the Houston #WomenBetrayed Rally at Planned Parenthood this Tuesday at noon.  Click here for more details.