Yes, Jim, I´ll sponsor Alveda King and Father Pavone to speak at the Life First rally!

Friend —

I have an emergency. An elected official told us not to expect Pro-Life legislation as a priority in Texas this year.

I want you to know that my team and I will not accept this. Unfortunately, lukewarm legislators who want to avoid controversy agree with him and have forgotten why Texas voters elected them.

That's why we invited Alveeda King and Father Frank Pavone to speak at our Life First gatherings and remind elected officials upon whom they turn their back.

Will you make this happen with a contribution of $100 or more right now?

Dr. Alveda King and Fr. Frank Pavone are coming to Dallas because many legislators who need to feel the heat from voters are concentrated in this area.  There is no coincidence that this is where the original Roe court case began.

But I must raise $27,538 in only 5 days to make this happen, to commemorate those lost to abortion, and to remind legislators of the 60,000 unborn children who will die if they don’t pass new Pro-Life laws.

Will you stand with your Pro-Life Headquarters’ and give a contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 or more?

Our Pro-Life goals this year are very simple. So, here's what a few influential legislators say are NOT a priority for them:

— Reforming insurance coverage for abortion so that consumers are not subsidizing the abortion of others.
—  Prevention of coerced abortion.  Coercing or forcing a woman to abort against her wishes should be a crime.
— Protect hospitalized patients who are disabled from discriminatory quality of life value judgments.

Friend, I don't need to tell you how influential Alveeda King and Father Pavone are — their names speak for themselves. When voters hear how their legislators are scheming against simple Pro-Life laws, I guarantee you that Life will become a priority if we can keep the King dream alive.  But I only have 5 days before they come to Texas to stand with Texas Right to Life. Can I depend on your immediate financial support?

I hope you will stand with me and stand for Life. Together, let's make Life a priority in Texas — and the nation!

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Yours for Life,