Women are watching Planned Parenthood


For the 2012 election cycle, Planned Parenthood launched a smear site, “Women are Watching,” dedicated to promoting pro-abortion candidates across the country.  The site is also committed to degrading as many Pro-Life candidates it can while promoting anti-Life propaganda to its followers.
The website states that its purpose is to “educate women across the country about the unprecedented attacks on women’s health and where candidates stand on pivotal health care issues.”  Planned Parenthood has listed various candidates whom they deem “Chumps” and are worthy of their vicious condemnation.   
Considering Planned Parenthood’s extreme abortion agenda, the candidates whom the abortion business calls “chumps” are not surprising.  They list presidential candidates Texas Governor Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich.  There are several other Pro-Life candidates including Representative Allen West from Florida and Steve King from Iowa.  
What is the most surprising – but should it really be? – is that the site, which is supposedly committed to women and promoting “pro-woman” policies, calls New York Representative Ann Marie Buerkle a “chump.”  Planned Parenthood’s support of women must be imaginary, because the New York Representative is definitely a woman, but Planned Parenthood deems it okay to smear her name across its site and call her a stupid person and a dolt, because that is the definition of “chump.”  
Planned Parenthood’s hypocrisy is nothing new, but that does not give them a free pass to say and do whatever they please.  They claim that “women are watching,” but what about the women who do not agree with them?  Planned Parenthood would call us chumps and stupid people because we support a nation that defends children and regards all innocent human life worthy of protection.  
Women are watching, Planned Parenthood.  Pro-Life women all over the country are watching as the extreme hypocrisy of the nation’s number one committer of abortion is being exposed.  Women are watching and they have seen the cover-up of sex crimes Planned Parenthood has been accused of committing.  Women are watching and they have opened their eyes to the reality of over 300,000 babies killed every year by Planned Parenthood.  Women are watching, Planned Parenthood, and we are watching you.