Women Are Not Being Forced to Get Illegal Abortions

Since the reversal of Roe v. Wade, numerous states across the country have passed laws protecting Life. Unsurprisingly, the anti-Life media is outraged at every one of these momentous Pro-Life achievements. Outlets such as The Guardian have reported that these laws, including those of Texas, force women to seek dangerous illegal abortions. 

They argue that women with difficult circumstances or high-risk pregnancies in Pro-Life states have no option but to seek illegal abortions. Yet the truth that these media outlets completely ignore is that abortion is never medically necessary.

There are times when a pregnancy is life-threatening for both the mother and child, necessitating early intervention, such as in cases of severe toxemia. In these instances, an early delivery can be carried out. This saves the mother’s life and allows the child the chance to continue living, which tragically does not always happen. We live in an imperfect world, and there is only so much even modern medicine can achieve.

In truth, emergency early deliveries are often healthier and safer for mothers than abortions. Most life-threatening complications in pregnancy do not arise before 24 weeks’ gestation. An emergency C-section takes around an hour. While it takes 24-72 hours to dilate the cervix in preparation for a late-term abortion. If a mother’s life is truly at risk, an abortion is not as safe or time-sensitive an option as an early delivery.

While abortion is never necessary, post-Roe Texas law does allow abortions in emergent situations. Texas law contains very straightforward exceptions for medical cases to clarify that these medical situations are not elective abortions. 

All laws prohibiting or restricting abortions in Texas have an exception for medical emergencies to varying degrees, including the Texas Heartbeat Act and the pre-Roe statute

Further, despite media accusations, treatment for ectopic pregnancy or for a miscarriage is not even considered an abortion under Texas law. The Texas trigger law, that will go into effect thirty days after the official judgment of Dobbs v. Jackson (most likely sometime in August), also has a detailed exemption for the life and physical safety of the mother. 

If somehow there really was a case where a mother would die if she did not get an abortion, she could still legally get one in Texas. A woman is never left with an illegal abortion as the only option to save her life.

Many have also said that a woman’s life circumstances can force her to seek an illegal abortion. Though there are numerous cases where a pregnant mother is facing uncertainty and difficulty in her life, this does not mean that an illegal abortion is her only option. 

Texas has around 200 pregnancy resource centers offering real life-affirming options to all women who come through their doors. If a mother has financial stress, they can give her financial assistance, material goods such as formula and diapers, free medical services, and connect her to a plethora of other forms of support. 

If a mother feels she is not emotionally prepared to raise a child, pregnancy resource centers can give her parenting classes, counseling, and support during and after pregnancy. If a woman feels incapable of caring for her child, these centers can aid her in the adoption process and even give her and the child free housing through maternity homes.

Texas has allocated $50 million per year to the Alternatives to Abortion program, which funds these pregnancy resource centers’ life-saving services. This is what allows women to receive care free of charge. With all of this available aid, women are never forced into getting an abortion. A woman can either receive tremendous help in raising her child or receive assistance in allowing another individual to raise her child. No matter the severity of a particular social or economic circumstance, abortion is not the answer.

Whether a mother’s life is threatened by a high-risk pregnancy or she feels incapable of carrying her pregnancy to term, a mother is never forced to get an illegal abortion in Texas. 

If you or someone you know is pregnant and overwhelmed, there are resources to help during this time. Please reach out to your local pregnancy resource center or Texas Right to Life so you do not have to go through this hardship alone and without help.

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