Woke Abortion Proposition Massively Fails in San Antonio Election

San Antonio voters overwhelmingly rejected a far-left ballot initiative that would have decriminalized abortion in the City Charter. The measure failed by a margin of 28% for and 72% against in the May 6 local election.

Proposition A, misleadingly referred to as the “Justice Charter”, was brought by activist groups who gathered enough signatures to place their massive, 13-page amendment on the ballot. The measure contained a wish list of socialist policies, including the decriminalization of marijuana and some other regulations of the police force, but the centerpiece of this proposition was the decriminalization of abortion.

Specifically, Proposition A would have prohibited San Antonio police officers from making any arrests or conducting any investigations in connection with abortion violations. The only exceptions would be when the woman who got the abortion was coerced or when the abortionist was criminally negligent in performance of that abortion.

Last weekend’s failed ballot initiative follows a resolution passed by the San Antonio City Council in August 2022 expressing their support for abortion and disdain for the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

Pro-abortion efforts like these demonstrate why we need to fully enforce our Pro-Life laws throughout the state by holding lawless district attorneys and municipalities accountable. Texas Right to Life is lobbying for legislation in the Texas Capitol that would ensure liberal local lawmakers cannot thwart our Pro-Life laws that protect preborn babies.

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