Without Texas Right to Life, the abortion mob will win — keep us fighting in Austin!

Friend, here they come.

Like a massive, summer gulf hurricane, the agents of death just changed course and are headed for a Force 5 collision with the Capitol today and tomorrow.

Emboldened by the legislative destruction in the Senate chamber that one fateful June night wrought by the angry, professional mob cobbled together of socialists, Occupiers, and abortion zealots. Now, a Texas abortion tour is snaking its way through Texas.

Abortion forces are flush with national cash to change Texas and are snaking an abortion tour through major cities of the state.

The “Stand with Texas Women Orange Rally” with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and Sen. Wendy Davis is coming to a major Texas city near you to unite and enlist any miscreants who might have missed the paid job opportunity posted on Craig's List in Austin by “Grassroots Campaigns” earlier in the month to become a professional community organizer and law breaker.

Most of their chants are vile and can't be put in print, but here is one of their favorites: “Free abortion on demand. Can we do it? Yes we can!”

Who are these people?  Here's a lovely example from Kellye who emailed me yesterday:

Take me off of your insane email lost. You are a moron. It is a woman's right to control her own body. No one there is saying hail satan, and all you bible thumper freaks need to stay out of politics. There is no god-deal with it. Also, would you rather spend the next 18 plus years paying for that child's welfare? Didn't think so. If it was men who got pregnant, abortion would be very accessible. Get over yourself, you misogynist freak. Stay away from my rights.

Kellye Englishbee

There is so much that I could write, but I think you understand what and who we are up against.  We need your help.  These people are desperate and willing to do ANYTHING in the next 48 hours.  Send $50, $200, $1,000 or more to immediately help us in Austin.

This has been the longest, most grueling, most expensive, and most depressing legislative effort in my 20 years with Texas Right to Life: 140 days of the 83rd Regular Session, 30 days of the first Special Session, and 11 days (and counting) in the Second Special Session.  And we have nothing, NOTHING to show for it.

While that could all change right now, the magical, mystical bus tour is now being diverted to Austin to begin the assault.  Last night, the cauldron was boiling in San Antonio as Cecile and Wendy assembled and rallied their troops for the final siege of the Capitol.

Over 60 police officers were seen earlier in the Capitol training how to stop a mob that tries to physically break down the doors of the Senate to wreak havoc upon all inside.

Abortion supporters try to undemocratically disrupt the legislative process and unlawfully silence Texan Pro-Lifers.

While we are a movement of peace and prayer, we must do all we can.  I have asked all remaining staff to be in Austin.  We are producing all necessary documents for the defense of House Bill 2 on the Senate floor.  We have volunteers performing tasks all over the Capitol grounds.  Over 100,000 calls for Pro-Lifers to join us at noon have been made!

We cannot do any more without your help.

$30, $100, $500, or $3,000 will go directly to passing the strongest Pro-Life bill in America
.  This is the last chance we have to push this bill across the finish line.  We can and must show our entire nation that this angry, vicious mob can be defeated.

The days of bullying women are over. Texans stand for women and Life!

Every drop of sweat and tear could become a distant memory.  

One last word to Kellye and all the ladies: We're all here in Austin quietly praying, working, and waiting.  But we won't be leaving until we have a new law to protect the health of every Texas woman and the lives of our unborn Texas babies.

We are not afraid.

Your days of bullying women are over.  Period.

We are Texans.  When it comes to the defense of our women and children, we do not surrender.  Ever.

Please send a message to Planned Parenthood by supporting Texas Right to Life's work, right now.


Yours for Their Lives,