Willfully ignorant: Wendy Davis clueless about abortion scandal, Gosnell case

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, now infamous for championing the murder of preborn children by filibustering a Pro-Life bill, stated Monday that she didn’t “know what happened in the Gosnell case.”
In a meeting with the National Press Club, Davis showed her ignorance about the procedure about which she spent 11 hours clamoring for on the Texas Senate floor.  Davis asserted that she doesn’t know what happened in the Gosnell case, which was brought to national light when the Philadelphia abortionist was indicted for killing babies after they had survived his failed abortions. 
Davis has stated that she was warring for “women’s rights”, yet she opposed the commonsense measure (now law) that would raise the standard of care for women in Texas and spare these babies from the excruciating pain of late abortion.  If Ms. Davis is not familiar with the specifics of the distant Gosnell case, perhaps she has heard of the local case of Douglas Karpen, the Houston abortionist accused of gruesomely twisting the necks of infants born-alive after an abortion. 
Douglas Karpen is under investigation for killing babies well after 24 weeks gestation.  The bill Ms. Davis tried so hard to stop – but ultimately failed – ends these atrocious procedures. 
Senator Davis also alleged in her interview that since the Gosnell killings (about which she pleads cluelessness) happened in a clinic with supposed higher standards, that raising the level of care in Texas “isn’t going to make a difference.”  Thus, in her mind, holding abortion centers to higher standards will do nothing to reduce the killing of born-alive infants and women. 
The final question asked of Davis dealt with the majority of women who support bans on late abortion in Texas and the nation.  The senator insulted the American public, “A lot of people don't really understand the landscape of what's happening in that arena,” but Wendy Davis is the one who feigns ignorance.  The debate on the barbaric partial birth abortion ban in the late 90’s woke the American people to the horrors in abortion clinics.  Even Wendy can’t deny what’s happening in the arena of the womb. 
Ms. Davis denies what late-abortion is, and most likely has seen the clinics in which those procedures are committed.  And she still turns a blind eye to protecting vulnerable, conflicted women from safer standards.