Why do I fight for Life?

As I logged onto Facebook last night, a picture of a childhood best friend holding her newborn goddaughter was at the top of my news feed. As my friend (coincidentally named Emily, as well), held the sweet little girl, I was reminded like a ton of bricks of the why behind my job.

As those in the political and legislative arena can tell you, lobbyists far too easily become engulfed in the drama of politics, losing sight of the very basic reason you’re there in the first place – to fight for something.  Lobbying and participating in the legal side of the Pro-Life movement can sometimes shield us from the very real front lines of the effects of abortion.  Every time I see a newborn picture, read a story about an abortion survivor or a mom who overcame great odds, or listen to a post-abortion recovery speaker, my why is refilled with renewed vigor.

The hours and travel spent to build up Pro-Life candidates during the election cycle.  The tired feet from running around the Capitol in heels for six months.  The endless prep to ensure the merits of our legislative policies are effectively presented in committee hearings. Countless hours of policy research and analysis. The not-so-elegant late night copy runs at Kinkos.

Why? So there is one more baby born tomorrow.  So there is one more young woman who realizes she is strong enough to overcome whatever obstacles face her.  So there is one more middle-aged-woman who finally finds peace through a post-abortion recovery program.  So there is one more dad who hasn’t lost his fatherhood.

Today is the 42nd anniversary of the two historic court decisions that legalized elective abortion through  all nine months of pregnancy across our nation.  As we at Texas Right to Life join Pro-Life lawyers and legislative teams across the nation, we will continue to wake up every day, ready to do our part in laying the groundwork to one day, finally, overturn.