Who is Really Pro-Woman?

In our day to day battle for Life, name calling and labels identify each side: Pro-Life, Pro-choice, anti-choice, pro-abortion, anti-abortion, etc.  Pro-Lifers are often called anti-choice.  This is an unfair description because Pro-Lifers are for choice, choices that uphold the dignity of Life and allow people to make full, conscious, and well-informed moral choices that do not lead to the killing of another human being.  The Pro-Choice movement has cleverly labeled itself so that it sounds like they are promoting freedom for “all” choices, but what they are really promoting is abortion.  They won’t use the “Pro-Abortion” title because it has such a negative stigma.  One extra title they will claim is Pro-Woman.

The Pro-Choice side claims they are for women’s rights and that the Pro-Lifers are trying to tell women what to do with their bodies and submit them to “reproductive slavery.”  Yet it is the Pro-Life movement with the Pro-Woman resume.

The Pro-Life movement has fought tooth and nail to wear down the pro-abortion agenda by trying to pass bills to ensure that women are well informed and know the truth about the weight of their actions, including A Woman’s Right to Know bill, which gives women information about fetal development, carrying a baby to term, financial assistance, and pregnancy centers and adoption. They have fought for abortion clinics to be held up to hospital operation standards, sonogram bills to allow the mother the choice to see the Life inside her, among many other endeavors.

The Pro-Choice movement has fought against these measures with next to no valid reason why. The Supreme Court ruled against states having to provide women with information about abortion because the information “may serve only to confuse her and heighten her anxiety.”  Many interpreted this ruling as saying, “Don’t tell women the whole truth because they can’t handle it.”  By discrediting this information and keeping women in the dark, they are not allowing women to know the crucial scientific evidence.

Abortion coercion is a growing problem that the Pro-Life movement is also working against. The abortion community is the most unregulated area of the medical field. They are not held accountable for reporting these acts. Men who have impregnated under-aged girls, rapists, and family members who are embarrassed to have a pregnant daughter are able to force some women into having an abortion. Just recently in Austin, TX, a young girl’s mother attempted to force her to have an abortion. She had to file for a restraining order on her parents.

To be “pro” or for anything you have to want what is best for the person or thing you are benefiting.  To be Pro-Woman, means you want the best for women’s mind, body and spirit.  The Pro-Life movement is working for both the born woman and her unborn child.  Both deserve to be cared for and respected.