Where are the Fauxminists when Indian Women are dying from mass sterilization?

Sterilization camps. Where do we begin? Should we begin by explaining that it's anti-woman to treat fertility like a disease? Or, maybe, that in India, the government pays women to be sterilized (which is a form of coercion where very poor families are concerned). Perhaps we should first mention that, of the 83 women who were sterilized this month in Chhattisgarh's sterilization camp via laparoscopic tubectomy, 13 are now dead, and many more are critically wounded.

Oh, there is a war on women all right. But the war isn't being waged by the Republican party like American fauxminists claim.

Do you think that the Indians who had the bright idea to pay women a whopping 1,400 rupees– equivalent to 22 dollars and 65 cents in the US, while some place the figure at about $10— had women's rights in mind when they implemented their mass-sterilization plan? Probably not. And the doctor who reportedly performed 83 sterilizations in 5 hours (meaning he spent just over 3 ½ minutes with each woman, assuming he didn't take any bathroom breaks) – do you think he had the well-being of these women in mind? Again, the answer is likely No. Furthermore, the procedures were carried out in an unused hospital; one can only imagine the conditions. 

In the immediate aftermath of the mass sterilization on November 8, eight women died. In the ensuing days, at least 5 more women have passed away, raising the death toll to a minimum of 13 women. A report has now revealed that the women died of zinc phosphide poisoning after receiving post-operative antibiotics tainted with the ingredient, which is commonly found in rat poison. Although doctors had access to more reputable brands, the women were given antibiotics from a local pharmaceutical company that had previously been sanctioned for similar reasons in 2012, when they were forced to cease operations for three months.

Should we be surprised that the government sent women home from a sterilization camp with sub-standard drugs after paying them not to have more children? No. That is misogyny at its finest. And where is the “feminist” outcry? Stories like this one, and Boko Haram, and Chinese gendercide and male child preference all testify to the fact that pro-choice “feminists” are a farce. They are fauxminists. They will eat a taco or drink a beer for abortion rights, but cannot be bothered to prevent monstrous kidnappings, forced abortion, or sterilization deaths. The real feminists – those of us in the Pro-Life movement – will carry the banner for women globally until every last man, woman, and child stands on the equal footing afforded by their human dignity.