What does repealing Obamacare mean for Grandma?

House Minority Leader Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-California) joined the chorus of anti-Life zealots defending Obamacare.  With the decisive victory of Pro-Life Donald Trump and a Republican majority in Congress, President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) may at long last be repealed.  The abortion lobby and anti-Life pundits have been fear-mongering about the impending repeal since November.

Pelosi spoke at a press conference on Wednesday about the planned Democrat response to Republican’s promise to repeal the ACA.  Pelosi ranted:

This has an [sic]assault on the health security and financial security that goes with what the Affordable Care Act has done for the American people.  So make America sick again?  Is that what the Republicans want to do?  I certainly hope not.


In her hyperbolic comments, Pelosi fails to acknowledge the legitimate concerns of many Americans with the ACA.  Pelosi suggests that a few simple negotiations will fix the otherwise sound law, ignoring the fact that there is a glaring anti-Life bias throughout the legislative overreach.

Pro-Lifers have cheered the steps toward repealing and replacing Obama’s disastrous healthcare law.  From the inception of Obamacare, the massive law has been fraught with controversy.  From deceptively trying to include abortion coverage, to persecuting the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious groups opposed to paying for contraception (including abortifacients), Obama and the Democrats misled the American people.

Perhaps what is most disturbing about Pelosi’s glib defense of Obamacare is her comment about poor Grandma.  At the press conference, Pelosi warned, “If you are a senior, you know, Medicaid — almost half of Medicaid is about long-term health care.  You want grandma living in the guest room?”  The anti-Life Democrat leader obscures the real concern with Obamacare: will grandma be living at all?

Despite repeated denials, the reality is that Obamacare attempted to institute death panels.  Under the ACA, the elderly and vulnerable hospital patients were not entitled to basic standards of medical care; instead they were threatened with a regime of imposed death.  Whistleblowers halted the full-scale implementation of this anti-Life plan, but Obamacare remains fraught with this anti-Life bias.  The death panels were in a sense replaced by “end of life counseling” paid for by Medicare and Medicaid.  To protect the Right to Life of the elderly and the disabled, healthcare reform is needed.  Repealing Obamacare is a necessary step.

Pelosi is right.  If anti-Life Democrats had their way Grandma might not be living in your guest room.  Under the reign of imposed death, she might not be living.  In Texas, we have seen the tragedy of laws that do not respect the inherent dignity and value of ALL lives.  We hope that the Pro-Life majority in Congress will repeal Obamacare and protect our most vulnerable with laws that prevent imposed death.  Grandma deserves nothing less.