We’re Being Sued

The abortion industry is desperate and nasty.

A Dallas attorney just SUED Texas Right to Life.

What’s more? They’re suing me, too!

They’re desperate to stop the Texas Heartbeat Act, which is set to take effect on September 1.

In all my years in the Pro-Life movement, we have NEVER been sued, but I fear this is the new normal: dirty pool.

You’ve heard about the Texas Heartbeat Act – this is a monumental piece of life-saving legislation! Once in effect, this law will ban abortion after the preborn child’s heartbeat is detectable. Children have detectable heartbeats at just six weeks old! When someone violates this law by performing, aiding, or abetting an abortion after six weeks, a private citizen may sue the abortionist.

Texas Right to Life has been coordinating with Pro-Life attorneys and activists around the state to prepare for enforcing the Texas Heartbeat Act. We even created a website, ProLifeWhistleblower.com, where citizens like you can report illegal abortions.

Everything we do at Texas Right to Life is focused on one goal: saving and protecting innocent human lives. And anti-Life activists are FURIOUS!

This lawsuit is the latest attempt by the anti-Life left to cancel any organization or even person who disagrees with them. You may not be listed on the lawsuit like me, but cancel culture will come for all of us unless we fight back now.

We aren’t backing down from this lawsuit. We have to stop these shameless tactics. If we don’t fight off this attack, we are giving them another tool to intimidate and silence other Pro-Lifers like you.

Will you give $50, $200, $500, or even more today to stand up for Life?

Anti-Lifers can yell loudly at the Capitol, they can fabricate complaints in the courthouse, but we have truth on our side.

Donate today and stand with thousands of other Pro-Life Texans against these ridiculous schemes. Donate today to stand for what is good. Donate today to save lives.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We must be steadfast in prayer in this battle against evil.



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