Wendy Davis tries to lure Texans; Texas Right to Life expands college outreach

Wendy Davis is targeting some of the state's youngest Texans to keep her name in the headlines in an attempt to rise to higher office.  This past summer Davis gallivanted to abortion stardom by stomping on the rights of the preborn while simultaneously advocating for second-rate safety standards for abortion centers. 
Senator Davis’ campaign for governor has launched a new initiative: a Spring fellowship program to try to revive her fledgling campaign.  The operation explains that supporters of all ages are welcome, but the attempt to lure younger voters under her umbrella is an obvious ploy in her strategy.
Much to the abortion industry’s chagrin, Pro-Life allies from all across Texas rallied in support of House Bill 2, the preborn, and women.  The law now protects these women and children.  Texans from all walks of life were present to stand for Life, but in overwhelming droves, the younger generations stood their ground and refused to be swayed by the lies promulgated by the abortion crowd.
The desire among younger Texans to support Pro-Life initiatives across the state is growing in strength and number.  The growing number of college students actively participating in campus-based and community-wide Pro-Life initiatives provides evidence.  As a result, Texas Right to Life has had to expand the educational programs and resources offered.  As part of the expansion, an emergency class of Pro-Life fellows who advocate the importance of standing for Life on college campuses across Texas has been selected.
Texas Right to Life is proud to announce a new class of fourteen students who will join the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship for College Pro-Life Leaders.  These students will actively stand for Life on their college campuses with no political agenda.  Advancing a culture that supports women and promotes Life-affirming options is their primary goal.
Wendy Davis cannot say the same.