Wendy Davis says she´s Pro-Life

Friend —

Wendy Davis rallies her abortion fans on MSNBC.

Wendy Davis just told a group of supporters that she is Pro-Life.

Here's exactly what she said, “I am Pro-Life. I care about the life of every child.”

I am not making this up.

This is the same person who stood for 11-hours straight in the Texas Senate to filibuster a law that would stop abortions after a pre-born baby is five months old. During the same filibuster, she also tried to stop Texas from forcing abortion centers to comply with basic health standards.

Wendy Davis, the abortion queen, will say anything to make her anti-women and anti-Life agenda disappear.

Friend, do not let her hide from her extremist abortion agenda!

Texas Right to Life has organized a Pro-Life Tour across Texas to unite Pro-Lifers so that we can expose Wendy Davis' lies.

Tonight, Elizabeth and I are in Stephenville in west Texas to tell the truth about Wendy Davis and one of the biggest RINOs (Republican In Name Only) in the Texas state legislature: J.D. Sheffield.

Will you make sure your Pro-Life headquarters, Texas Right to Life, has the resources to spread the truth about Wendy Davis' radical agenda?

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Wendy Davis and her cohorts have $36 million from out-of-state abortion zealots to change the direction of a Pro-Life Texas.

With your immediate financial support, we won't let her get away with her lies.

Please support the Texas Pro-Life Tour right now and send a message, loud and clear, that Wendy Davis is NOT Pro-Life!

Yours for Life,