Wendy Davis gives away filibuster anniversary tickets

Wendy Davis cannot seem to decide whether or not she wants to appear as the pro-abortion politician that she is. After rising to fame on a wave of abortion enthusiasm that quickly dissipated, Davis made her gubernatorial bid for the Democratic party. But following a few publicity spreads with Vanity Fair and Vogue, the abortion queen swiftly ditched her abortion gabbing in favor of cuter –but ironic—causes such as early childhood education. We heard very little about abortion from Davis once she began her campaign, and the little we did hear had to be painstakingly pried out of her with little success.

Support for Davis plummeted in large part due to Texas Right to Life blowing the lid off of her anti-Life stance via radio spots which aired locally. Now Davis is flip-flopping back to her public love for abortion, holding a celebration (!) of the one-year anniversary of the filibuster that made her [in]famous. The celebration is undoubtedly a desperate, last-ditch effort to gain support and funding on her trudge toward the election finish line in November. The fundraiser is already a flop though. Davis can’t even find more than a handful of supporters who will pay as little as $20 to celebrate her despicable filibuster with her. Unable to sell tickets, Davis is now giving them away for free. Unsurprisingly, Wendy can’t find pro bono abortion supporters in Texas. From what we learned last summer, said abortion advocates don’t come cheap – or local. During the filibuster and HB2 deliberations, paid pro-aborts were bussed in on the abortion lobby’s dole.  

Perhaps the most critical point that Davis has failed to intuit in her campaign, therefore, is the fact that her initial support – the support that gave her the unfounded confidence to make a bid for governor of this great state – came from non-Texans, and from abortion supporters who were not in the fight against Life for the long-haul, but just to make a quick buck. Thankfully for the pre-born and their mothers, Pro-Life fervor is pro bono and abundant.

Obviously, Texas is too overwhelmingly Pro-Life to have pulled off anything less than the Blue Wave of Life advocates who filled up the halls of the legislature. Groups and individuals like NARAL Pro-Choice America, Emily’s List, and Barack Obama voiced support for Davis and thrust her into the spotlight, but they failed to speak for Texans – the only voices, at the end of this campaign, that will really matter to Wendy Davis’ career. At the end of the day, the anti-Life voter base that would be needed for Wendy to succeed here in Texas simply does not exist.