Wendy Davis continues radical Planned Parenthood support with donation in the wake of organ harvesting scandal

Picture this: Governor Greg Abbott heard about Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting scandal and immediately opened a multi-faceted investigation into the legality of their operations in Texas.  What did Wendy Davis, his defeated gubernatorial opponent, do?  She made a donation to Planned Parenthood.  

The backlash to Davis’ publication of her $100 donation (in honor of PP president Cecile Richards’ birthday) may have come as a surprise in light of the fawning praises she received as a national media darling prior to her defeat. 

Although she was beloved by the abortion movement just two summers ago, supportive responses to this latest act of solidarity with the anti-Life cause were few and far between.  Instead, the overwhelming irony of Davis’ donation – just one day after the organization’s horrifying candor about fetal organ harvesting came to light – is the subject of most responses:





Perhaps one day, politicians will realize that aligning with Planned Parenthood gets them nowhere fast in the Pro-Life state of Texas.