Welcome to the Texas Right to Life Legislative Blog

Welcome to the Texas Right to Life Legislative blog!  The session is halfway over, and while great progress for the Pro-Life cause has been made already, we only expect the pace to increase from now until June 1st.

We were very encouraged by the latest elections that sent an historic Pro-Life supermajority to the House.  Depending on the issue, we count as many as 107 Pro-Life votes out of the 150 State House members.  We have been meeting with the legislators of both chambers, and are very fortunate to have so many supporters among our Elected Officials.  We are also thankful there are so many new Pro-Life advocates joining the legislature in this incoming freshman class.
Just over a week ago, the session passed the 60-day mark.  What the 60-day mark means is that hearings can begin on items not on the emergency calendar (Sonogram Bill was on the emergency calendar and thus was able to be handled earlier in the session than usual).  Since the 60-day mark we have already had a House Committee hearing on HB 561 by Rep. Wayne Christian, whose bill would prohibit hospital districts from using tax revenues to fund abortions or abortion-services.  We applaud Rep. Christian for his dedication to the Pro-Life cause, and are working to get his bill voted out of the House State Affairs committee soon.
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