We will not be bullied: Protect women and Life!

Friend —

It's going down right now. The abortion supporters are pouring into the Capitol to disrupt the legislation session again.

At every minute, the abortion mob is growing angrier and louder. Our democracy is at risk. Life is at risk.

Paid socialist and Occupy forces are trying to illegally disrupt the Texas legislative process.

Texas state troopers have confiscated jars of urine and excrement from abortion supporters. Not only that, but they've also confiscated several bricks — we can only pray the Troopers caught all of them and everything.

Abortion supporters aim to shut down the Texas Capitol and stop legislation that will stop Gossnell-like abortion centers.

This is going to get uglier and we don't expect this to stop.

I need you to send a message to the professional and paid abortion mob and tell them that Texas women and Pro-Lifers will not be bullied!

Abortion supporters portray Pro-Lifers as “Texas Taliban”

Send your immediate donation to your Pro-Life headquarters, Texas Right to Life, as we support legislators to pass life-saving legislation, despite the risks, by clicking and following this link to donate $30, $100, $300, or even $1,500.

Thank you for all you do to protect women and Life!

Yours for Life,