We have the results!

We have the results!

We fought the medical lobby and pro-abortion radicals who wanted to force their pro-death agenda on Texas and we won!

We turned the tide of Texas through many races. And the victories were ONLY possible due to your help.

You overwhelmingly responded to our emergency Political Action campaign and successfully raised more funds for our Pro-Life champions than ever before (over $180,000)!

Many candidates who the media and liberals tried to destroy are now going to Austin and to Washington, DC.

But ultimately, we acted boldly, telling the real truth about the Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO) candidates.

In fact, we acted so boldly that one REPUBLICAN member of the State House, who sometimes votes Pro-Life, hit “reply” to one of our emails when he really meant to “forward” his revulsion to our email about the pro-abortion RINOs, probably to another fellow moderate. His comment (that was NOT meant for you or me or Texas Right to Life):

“Lovely use of adjectives such as Ilk, extremist, anti-Life, radical, and pro-death to raise funds. Is Wentworth gone?”

Well, we use such salty words because the majority of Texans are Pro-Life and want to know what their legislators are doing in the Capitol. With Texas Right to Life watching and reporting, what happens in Austin no longer just stays in Austin.

And when incumbents like Jeff Wentworth vote repeatedly for abortion, our job and our duty is tell the voters.

Oh, yes, Representative RINO who didn’t like our saucy email, Wentworth is indeed gone from the State Senate!

Dr. Donna Campbell beat him by an overwhelming margin of 66 to 34 percent. In fact, the media and liberals didn't even consider her to be a viable candidate during the primary and rarely mentioned her name as one of the candidates in that race. But we did. We endorsed her from the very beginning.

Friend, the RINOs and moderates do not like our word choices, but Texans are coming to understand what a RINO is, and the majority spoke last night by overwhelmingly electing true Pro-Life champions!

You, the Pro-Life majority in Texas, again advanced the cause by ousting many extremist, anti-Life candidates and incumbents! You won. The unborn in Texas won.

Texas Right to Life PAC winners:

United States Representative
Randy Weber, District 14
Roger Williams, District 25
Jessica Puente Bradshaw, District 34

Railroad Commissioner, Unexpired Term
Barry Smitherman

Supreme Court, Place 4
John Devine

State Board of Education District 10
Tom Maynard

State Senator District 25
Donna Campbell

State House of Representatives
Kyle Kacal, District 12
Wayne Faircloth, District 23
Greg Bonnen, District 24
Rick Miller, District 26
JM Lozano, District 43
Jeff Leach, District 67
Drew Springer, District 68
Stephanie Klick, District 91

Next battle is November. Hang on tight, folks, this is going to be a rough ride. Because the moderates and RINOs found our words and tone distasteful (in other words, truthful and effective) for this election season, wait till November … we’ll be back!

Thank you for protecting Life. The victories last night are crucial to future Pro-Life victories in our state and in our nation!