Watch: Texas Right to Life calls out Komen Foundation

The CW 33 in Dallas, Texas is questioning Susan G. Komen Foundation's financial contributions to Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion committer, observing that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms.
Susan G. Komen, headquartered in Dallas, is a global breast cancer awareness and research charity, most well-known for its annual Race for the Cure.
Rachel Bohannon, spokesperson for Texas Right to Life, commented, “There is no excuse for associating with an abortion business.”
     Not only does Planned Parenthood not perform mammograms, but the organization’s abortion business may actually increase their clients’ risk for breast cancer.  Over 100 studies in the past 50 years have indicated a link between abortion and breast cancer. 
Texas Right to Life is spearheading an online petition drive at  Already the effort has collected about 5,000 signatures, intended to send a message to Komen officials and open eyes.
'We have had so many calls and emails from people who didn't know this was going on,' said Bohannon. 'These people are Pro-Life and they say they can't support Komen anymore.'