WATCH: Legislature moves to protect minors and families

Last week, House Bill 3994 by Representative Geanie Morrison (R-Victoria) passed the State House of Representatives.  HB 3994 reforms the process through which pregnant teens go to judges for permission for abortion instead of involving a parent.  State Senator Charles Perry from Lubbock, a Texas Right to Life endorsee, has sponsored this bill in the State Senate, and the bill was voted out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. 

Texas Right to Life was notified that some local activists were trying to weaken the strong version of HB 3994 that passed in the House.  The chair of the House Republican caucus, Representative Tan Parker (R-Flower Mound), quickly called the parties together to reconfirm consensus on HB 3994. 

The bill is expected to pass the final step in the State Senate and to be signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.