Watch: Grandmother sees ultrasound of preborn grandchild before dying of cancer

Thanks to ultrasound technology, a Colorado woman had the joy of seeing her grandchild before succumbing to her terminal illness.

Donna Callender was experiencing the final stages of brain and lung cancer in the hospital when her pregnant daughter, Taylor Masilotti, gifted her mother with one last beautiful memory.  Masilotti requested that the ultrasound to determine the sex of her preborn child be scheduled earlier to ensure that her dying mother would be able to experience the joy of the news.  In the this clip, Masilotti is lying in her mother’s hospital bed while an ultrasound of the preborn child is conducted:

Callender died just three days after learning that her daughter would soon give birth to a baby girl.  Masilotti says she will show the video to her little girl after she is born.  “It’s a memory that I will never forget,” she told TODAY.  “It’s very special to me.”  Masilotti wrote on Facebook that she was “forever grateful” to the hospital for accommodating the request to have her ultrasound alongside her mother.

Masilotti said that her pregnancy was an unexpected surprise because she had been told she would never be able to have children.  Masilotti and her boyfriend plan to name the baby Stella Kay Keith; the little girl will share her grandmother’s middle name.