WATCH: Beto defends late-term abortions TWICE

TWICE within 24 hours this week Beto O’Rourke argued that babies should be killed until the moment of birth!

But this is not news for you – you rejected Beto in 2018 because of his extreme abortion stance.  Now you must expose Beto’s murderous views to the rest of our nation.

Last year Robert “Beto” O’Rourke nearly cinched victory against your Pro-Life Senator Ted Cruz, almost breaking our 24-year record of keeping anti-Life Democrats from statewide office.

Now, Beto announced he’s running for president, marking the start of a new attack against your community and your values.  Your action now is critical.  You cannot sit out on this one.

Beto poses a grave threat to the Pro-Life Texas you built.  Six years before New York passed their murderous law, Beto pushed legislation in Congress that would have turned every state into today’s New York, allowing abortions until birth, and only God knows what else will be allowed.

From now until November 3, 2020, Beto and the anti-Life mob will deaden the consciences of your neighbors in order to brainwash them into voting pro-abortion – just like they did in New York.

Your gift today will build an infrastructure to combat the anti-Life dark forces in 2020, including:

  • Mobilize staff and volunteers to visit voters before they cast their ballots;
  • Deliver 1 million Pro-Life voter guides to strategic districts;
  • Reach 400,000 Texans with direct mail, online ads, and phone calls; and
  • Target pivotal Spanish-speaking voters who share your Pro-Life values.

You can defeat the anti-Life attack financed by California and New York elites.  Give today to expose O’Rourke’s extreme anti-Life record.

We have everything to lose.

Can we count on you?