Vote Pro-Life, Vote for Wayne Faircloth!

Friend —

To make history, we need 100% of the Pro-Life voters to hit the polls. Every. Vote. Counts.  

Galveston County has an exciting opportunity. For the first time ever, the chance of electing a Pro-Life Representative is close to becoming reality.  

Wayne Faircloth and his anti-LIFE opponent are neck-and-neck.  His opponent doesn’t believe abortions after five months should be banned in the State of Texas.  We have to stop her from casting votes in Austin.

Historically known as a county that elects anti-LIFE House Representatives, Galveston is seeing the tide turn, and in a great way. Confident in his ability to truly represent the people of House District 23, Texas Right to Life has backed and supported Wayne Faircloth.

The time is right to stand for Life and to send Wayne Faircloth to the Texas Legislature!

Recently, Texas Right to Life and volunteers spent an entire Saturday knocking on doors and making phones calls in the effort to change Galveston County into a Pro-Life stronghold.

Wayne, a long-standing member of the Galveston community, is someone we trust to represent your values in Austin and he is the only Pro-Life candidate in this race. Wayne has been working for years to promote the Pro-Life cause; his opponent cannot say the same.

His opponent supports Wendy Davis’ Life-crushing policies, rallied behind the raucous mob that threatened to wreak havoc in Austin, and opposed House Bill 2, which now protects preborn babies at five months of pregnancy. Laden with the support of Battleground Texas and abortion pushers like Planned Parenthood, the Galveston democrat is trying to keep Galveston stuck in the past.

Wayne Faircloth is ready to move Galveston forward into the Pro-Life light that is shared by the majority of the state — and Texas Right to Life is determined to help him. The Faircloth campaign needs 100% of Galveston County’s Pro-Life, conservative base to turn out to the polls from now until Election Day.

Texas Right to Life stands with Wayne Faircloth. Stand with us. Stand for Life. Stand with Wayne!

To find your early voting location or to find your Election Day voting location, visit:

Here are some Texas Right to Life volunteers about to head into neighborhoods
across Galveston to ask voters to vote for Pro-Life, Wayne Faircloth!

Grab your friends, head to the polls, and let’s show Big Abortion and their henchmen that Galveston County is Pro-Life and plans to stay that way! You can also help Wayne by contacting his campaign:

Volunteers with Texas Right to Life go house-to-house asking
voters to vote Pro-Life and vote for Wayne Faircloth!

Yours for Life,