Vote Pro-Life. Vote for Wayne Christian!

Representative Christian has been a vocal advocate in the protection of the sanctity of life from fertilization until natural death, making the Pro-Life cause one of his top priorities since he was elected to office. Representative Christian has always been more than a “yes” vote; he often introduces Pro-Life amendments to on the House floor to advance the Pro-Life cause.
During the 2011 82nd session, in addition to supporting the Sonogram Law, Wayne successfully redirected $6 million from the abortion industry to the state’s Autism Program.  As a result of the Christian Amendment to SB 7 (82nd Special Session), Travis County Hospital District was forced to redirect $450,000 designated for elective abortions to other health services.  Wayne earned 152% Pro-Life score for the 82nd Legislative Session.
In 1999, Representative Christian protected parental rights by voting for the Parental Notification Act, requiring abortionists to notify parents of minors before committing abortions on their daughters.  In 2003, Representative Christian earned a score of 116%, by supporting the Woman’s Right to Know Act and Texas’ version of the “Laci and Conner Peterson Law” (Prenatal Protection Act).  Wayne also voted to ban human cloning, recognizing that human life should not be manufactured or manipulated in laboratories.
Christian’s high Pro-Life scores reflect not only his primary sponsorship of several Pro-Life amendments, but also his co-authoring all of Texas Right to Life’s bills and his stellar record on all life votes ever to come before him on the House floor.
Texas Right to Life PAC is proud to again endorse Wayne Christian for his re-election.
Vote Pro-Life and re-elect Wayne Christian on May 29th!