Vote Pro-Life. Re-elect Sid Miller.

Sid has boldly defended Life countless times throughout his tenure in the State House.


At a forum in 2010 when asked about Roe v Wade, candidate Sheffield stated: “As a medical doctor, I would always side with the woman's right to choose, that should be her decision.”

On Mike Jones’ Facebook page, his post on 3/14/12 at 8:11pm stated that he would not support the language of the sonogram bill. [That post is now removed.]

Representative Sid Miller has been an unwavering advocate for the sanctity of Life from fertilization until natural death, making the Pro-Life cause one of his top priorities since he was elected to office.

During the 2011 82nd session, in addition to sponsoring the landmark Sonogram Law, Sid successfully redirected $21 million from the abortion industry to other more worthy health care programs. As a result of these defunding amendments, 13 abortion-affiliated clinics have closed in Texas. Sid earned the highest score (162%) on Texas Right to Life’s scorecard for his leadership for LIFE during the 82nd Legislative Session.

Representative Sid Miller discusses prolife legislation with Jim and Elizabeth Graham in Austin.

In 2005, Representative Miller protected parental rights by offering amendments, requiring abortionists to notify parents of minors before proceeding with abortions on their daughters. In 2003, Representative Miller earned a Pro-Life score of 116%, by supporting the Woman’s Right to Know Act and Texas’ Prenatal Protection Act. Sid also voted to ban human cloning, recognizing that human Life should not be manufactured or manipulated in laboratories.

Sid Miller stands strong for LIFE; stand for Sid Miller in this crucial primary election!

Vote Pro-Life and re-elect Sid Miller on May 29th.

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