Vote Pro-Life in Houston´s 2009 mayoral election

While Texas Right to Life takes pains to interview and endorse state legislative candidates across the state, we do not have the resources to effectively cover all municipal candidates in Texas' 254 counties and 1400 cities and towns.

Though Texas Right to Life is not endorsing any of the candidates for mayor, Pro-Life Houstonians must know that three of the candidates have been given 100% scores from Planned Parenthood.

These candidates, Peter Brown, Gene Locke, and Annise Parker, cannot be trusted to support Pro-Life efforts in Houston. Several trusted Houston Pro-Life activists have personally visited with Roy Morales and confirmed that he will do all he can to protect the sanctity of life as mayor of Houston.

With Planned Parenthood building the nation's largest abortion center within our city limits, we cannot afford another mayor that shares Bill White's pro-abortion policies or a mayor who has earned the full support of Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion chain.

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